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ABA Criminal Justice Section

Livingston Hall Juvenile Justice Award


The Livingston Hall Juvenile Justice Award is named in honor and in memory of Livingston Hall, a leader in the juvenile justice field and professor emeritus at Harvard Law School. As an early chair of the CJS Juvenile Justice Committee, Hall was instrumental in securing ABA approval of the comprehensive Juvenile Justice Standards. This 24-volume set of black letter standards and commentary are as relevant and useful today as they were when first developed almost 20 years ago.


Awardees will be active members of the bar who devote a significant portion of his or her legal practice to youth and children, and is making positive contributions to the field both in and outside the courtroom, and who meet the following criteria:

  • demonstrate a high degree of skill, commitment, and professionalism in representing their young clients.
  • positively and significantly contribute to the field and the rights and interests of the children they serve.


2024 Award Deadline – Nov. 30, 2024

Nominations should include:

  • the CJS Awards Nomination Form.
  • a letter addressing the selection criteria listed above.
  • the nominee’s resume.
  • any other supporting documentation of the nominee’s achievements in the criminal justice field.

Incomplete nomination packages will not be considered.  Should no qualified candidate be identified in a particular year the award will not be presented that year.

Nominations must be emailed to [email protected]


  • 1986 Charles Schinitsky
  • 1987 Amelia Dietrich Lewis
  • 1988 Joan Goodlet Hamner
  • 1989 Judge Leonard Edwards II
  • 1990 Mark Soler and Patrick Murphy
  • 1991 Scott Harshbarger
  • 1992 Judge Frank Orlando
  • 1993 Paul Mones
  • 1994 James Bell and David Lambert
  • 1995 Simmie Baer
  • 1996 Joseph Tulman
  • 1997 Michael Corriero and Bridgett Jones
  • 1998 Roxanna Gutierrez and Stephen Harper
  • 1999 Robert Cullen, Martha Miller, Lisa Greer, Linda Pace, Deborah Peppers and W. Terence Walsh
  • 2000 Randy Hertz
  • 2001 Diane Geraghty, Tom Geraghty and Bob Schwartz
  • 2002 Victor Streib and Stephanie Harrison
  • 2003 Kim Brooks and Shannan Wilber
  • 2004 Craig Cooley
  • 2005 Robert E. Shepherd and Steven A. Drizin
  • 2006 Patricia Puritz and Martin Guggenheim
  • 2007 Eileen A. Hirsch
  • 2008 Barry Feld
  • 2009 Winston Peters
  • 2010 Marsha Levick
  • 2011 Sue Burrell
  • 2012 Edwin “Ned” Chester
  • 2013 Children and Family Justice Center, Bluhm Legal Clinic, Northwestern University School of Law
  • 2014 Hon. J. Matthew Martin
  • 2015 Mark Friedenthal
  • 2016 Ebony Howard
  • 2017 Not awarded
  • 2018 Rosemary Armstrong
  • 2019 Jay Blitzman
  • 2020 Amy E. Breihan
  • 2021 Robert W. Mason (posthumous)
  • 2022 Dr. Aleksandra Chauhan  
  • 2023 Anthony DeMarco