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ABA Criminal Justice Section

Charles R. English Award


Charles English was a California trial attorney who specialized in criminal defense cases.  He was an active member of the American Bar Association, having served as a member of the Criminal Justice Section Council and Chairperson of the Section’s Committee on the Association Standards for Criminal Justice.  He was well respected by members of the bench, and both prosecutors and defense bar.  In 1998 he was named Outstanding Defense Attorney by the Los Angeles Bar Association.


Awardees will be judges, prosecutors, the defense bar, academics, and other attorneys who are members of the American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section and have distinguished themselves by their work in the field of criminal justice, and who meet the following criteria:

  • exemplify ethical and professional conduct.
  • have provided exceptional service to the Criminal Justice Section.
  • engage in activities that have increased the stature and professionalism of lawyers who practice in the criminal justice system.
  • enhance the relationship between prosecutors and defense bar by setting an example that subordinates parochial defense bar and prosecution views in both professional and bar association endeavors in favor of achieving a result that promotes fairness and justice.


  • 2000 Terence F. MacCarthy
  • 2001 Neal Sonnett
  • 2002 Michael Th. Johnson
  • 2003 Hon. Andrew Sonner
  • 2004 Prof. Stephen Saltzburg
  • 2005 Albert Krieger
  • 2006 Raymond Banoun
  • 2007 Guantanamo Military Commissions Military Defense Counsel
  • 2008 Michael S. Pasano
  • 2009 Janet Levine
  • 2010 Irwin Schwartz
  • 2011 Robert Johnson
  • 2012 Morris “Sandy” Weinberg
  • 2013 Prof. Myrna Raeder
  • 2014 Prof. Andrew Taslitz
  • 2015 Ronald Goldstock
  • 2016 James E. Felman
  • 2017 Nina Marino
  • 2018 Matthew Redle
  • 2019 Judge Arthur L. Burnett 
  • 2020 Judge Earnestine Gray
  • 2021 Cynthia Eva Hujar Orr
  • 2022 Ellen Yaroshefsky
  • 2023 Leila Sadat



2024 Award Deadline – July 31, 2024

Nominations should include:

  • the CJS Awards Nomination Form.
  • a letter addressing the selection criteria listed above.
  • the nominee’s resume.
  • any other supporting documentation of the nominee’s achievements in the criminal justice field.

Incomplete nomination packages will not be considered.  Should no qualified candidate be identified in a particular year the award will not be presented that year.

Nominations must be emailed to [email protected]