About Us

The Unified Voice of Criminal JusticeĀ  -- With its diverse membership of judges, private criminal defense attorneys, prosecutors, public defenders, academics, and other professionals, the ABA Criminal Justice Section is uniquely situated to bring all the various actors to the table to address today's most pressing criminal justice issues.

Celebrating 100 Years of the CJS

2020 marked the 100th anniversary of the founding of the ABA Criminal Justice Section

The Chair's Message

A message from the 2020-2021 Chair April Frazier-Camara

CJS Leadership (2020-2021)

  • Chair

    April Frazier-Camara

    Washington, DC

  • Chair-Elect

    Wayne McKenzie

    New York, NY

  • First Vice Chair

    Justin Bingham

    Spokane, WA

  • Immediate Past Chair

    Kim T. Parker

    Wichita, KS

  • Section Delegate

    Stephen Saltzburg

  • Section Delegate

    Neal Sonnett

CJS Newsletters

News and updates on Section, Committee, Task Force, Project activities