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"The Unified Voice of Criminal Justice"  -- With its diverse membership of  criminal justice professionals, the ABA Criminal Justice Section is uniquely situated to bring all the various actors to the table to address today's most pressing criminal justice issues.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

The Chair's Message (Kim T. Parker)

This year marks the 100th Anniversary of the CJS. As we entered 2020 we anticipated many challenges, but we had not imagined the crisis that is now upon us. The impact of this pandemic has been difficult for each of you personally and professionally. I have watched and learned as individuals working within the criminal justice systems across this nation have come together to find solutions. The challenges we now face require us to take a hard look at how we conduct ourselves and how we manage criminal justice processes. Now more than ever, the collaboration of prosecutors, defenders, academics, judges, probation and parole services is necessary. We are in an excellent position to lead the way. We have a long history of collaboration in the Section. We can serve as the model for the development of policy, procedure and process. I invite each of you to share your visions and innovations for the future of criminal justice. Join us in the critical time as we seek to fulfill our motto, “Perfecting our Vision 2020.”

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ABA Workforce Response & Meeting Cancellations

The ABA and the Criminal Justice Section's responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, event cancellations and offering of additional webinars.

Virtual White Collar Crime Institute

The 2020 White Collar Crime National Institute marks its 34th consecutive year with this 8-part/4-day (virtual) webinar series.

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CJS Podcast and Videos of Past Programs

While working from home during the Covid-19 outbreak, tune into the JustPod, the CJS podcast on current issues in criminal justice reform, policy and the work of the Criminal Justice Section. Also view videos of past CJS programs.

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Policy Development and Action

In addition to developing the well-regarded ABA Standards on Criminal Justice, the Criminal Justice Section formulates ABA policies and resolutions related to criminal justice and law.

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CJS Committees

Committees and Task Forces offer CJS members the best opportunity for direct involvement in Section activities, such as organizing CLE offerings, developing publications and policy proposals.

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Criminal Justice Standards

For fifty years, the ABA Criminal Justice Standards have guided policymakers and practitioners working in the criminal justice arena.

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The American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section 1050 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 400, Washington, DC 20036 Main Tel: (202) 662-1500 Email: Social Media Hashtag: #ABACJS.