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February 04, 2022 Message From The Editor

Under Construction: A Great Resource Because of Your Contributions

Neal J. Sweeney

Under Construction is a two-way street — We hope you, Forum members and our readers, find it helpful
and informative, and we need your contributions of articles to create that value.

Under Construction is a vehicle for sharing knowledge among the 5500 Forum members. An important, related function of Under Construction is to provide construction attorneys and other Forum members a readily accessible platform and relatively easy opportunity to be published nationally, and have their work read by other construction attorneys and industry professionals across the country.

Consistent with our newsletter format, our target length is a relatively short, approximately 1500 words, but we have some flexibility for somewhat longer articles, especially in the online edition. Writing for Under Construction requires far, far less effort than required for a law review article. While Under Construction is not a scholarly publication, it emphasizes quality and practicality.

As a newsletter, the articles are topical, capturing nearterm trends and issues or specific developments or perspectives on well-worn topics or principles. The goal is to stay on the cutting-edge of new and developing trends in construction law rather than be a static legal treatise.

Under Construction also features “Construction 101” articles to provide the basics of fundamental elements or concepts of construction law for newer construction lawyers or for more experienced construction lawyers looking to expand or refresh their knowledge base. Examples are the articles in this edition dealing with the basics of construction claims on federal government contracts and Miller Act payment bonds.

Under Construction’s editors hope you find value in this important publication. We invite and encourage you to add to that value with your own articles. FAQ's and Editorial Guidelines can be found on the Forum website or feel free to contact me or any of the editors. 

The material in all ABA publications is copyrighted and may be reprinted by permission only. Request reprint permission here.

Neal J. Sweeney

Jones Walker LLP, Atlanta, GA