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Indemnity vs. Duty to Defend: Know the Differences and Potential Critical Variations in State Law

The duty to defend in a construction contract can be just as important and impactful as the duty to indemnify, so practitioners must be aware of the differences between the two duties and the need to go beyond general principles and to consider the governing law for the contract when evaluating whether the duty to defend has been triggered.

Diversity and Inclusion


Returning to the Can: A Bathroom Reading Companion to “Gender Identity and Public Restrooms: The Burgeoning Battle over Bathroom Building”

This article explores the depths of the plumbing regarding certain challenges facing bathroom design and construction amidst the current and broader societal conversations on gender identity.

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Jury Consultants in Construction Cases: From Early Case Development through Trial

Your complex construction case has just been set for a jury trial. From early case assessment through trial, a jury consultant can provide unique services to help manage litigation risks from the outset and inform stakeholders’ decisions of when to try or settle a construction case.


Compliance Risks for A/E firms in the Municipal Advisory Business

Professional services firms seeking to expand their services offerings to public entity clients need to consider the costs associated specifically with providing financial advisory services to municipalities as these services are subject to registration with the financial regulators, as well as professional testing and regulatory reporting requirements.

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