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Am I Going to Jail? Criminal Liability for Workplace Deaths

Can you really go to prison if your employee dies in a work-related accident? Washington state prosecutors recently charged the owner of a local construction company with felony homicide over the death of an employee in a trench collapse. What risks do contractors face under state and federal laws, and how can employers protect against those risks?

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Using Construction Contracts to Limit Time-Consuming Discovery In Arbitration

By comparing various arbitral tribunals’ approaches to discovery and highlighting decisions regarding discovery that can potentially result in expensive and time-consuming motion practice, this article provides guidelines for conscientious contract drafting when parties to a construction contract wish to select arbitration as the means for dispute resolution.

Owner’s Representatives—Emerging Roles, Responsibilities, and Legal Issues

The role of the owner’s representative has grown in prominence and has become central to the success of modern construction projects.  This article looks at the role of these advisors, the scope of their responsibilities, and provides some guidance on selection and procurement of owner’s representative services. 

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An In-House Counsel’s Guide to Preparing an Engineering Firm for a Successful Foreign Project

In-house counsel for U.S. based engineering firms can find it challenging to keep up with their firms’ expansion of services into foreign countries.  This is a practical guide to some of the key issues counsel should consider and try to address when their engineering clients do international work.