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February 24, 2017

Young Lawyers Division

Nicholas D. Siegfried

Becoming a member of The Young Lawyers Division will be a cornerstone in your success as a construction lawyer. This fun and dynamic division will grant you access to resources that will expand your knowledge base and allow you to build relationships that will develop your professional network.   The only condition to joining the Young Lawyers Division is that you are either a law student or lawyer, 35 or younger or with five years of practice or less in construction law. Our members recognize the importance of professional relationship building, and The Young Lawyers Division provides opportunities for Young Lawyers to get involved with the Forum by hosting a Forum YLD dinner at each National Meeting on the Wednesday prior to the meeting so you can meet and network with other young lawyers, partnering with a Division at each National Meeting for a Breakfast or Lunch Meeting so that you can learn about all of the Divisions within the Forum, providing speaking and writing opportunities for young lawyers, supporting the ACE Mentor Program and appointing liaisons to each of the ABA Forum’s Standing Committees. The YLD holds a monthly telephone conference on the first Friday of the month at 12:00 noon ET, where volunteer opportunities are offered to all who join the call.  Contact Nick Siegfried ([email protected]) if you are interested in getting involved in the Young Lawyers Division.

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Nicholas D. Siegfried

YLD Chair