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March 08, 2022

2018 ABA Forum on Construction Law Annual Meeting

Advocacy Practicum

Moderator: Kelsey Kornick Funes

Speakers: Robert M. D’Onofrio, P.E.; Deborah Bovarnick Mastin; Anthony L. Meagher; Leslie King O'Neal

PLENARY 101:Know Something that Nobody Else Knows –

Moderator: Brian R. Zimmerman

 Harold G. Dorbin; Karen P. Layng; Stan Simmons

PLENARY 102: Risk Management from the Inside

Speakers: Yvonne Castillo; Michael Cronin; Stuart K. Shaw

PLENARY 103: Understanding Your Client’s Corporate and Project Structure

Moderator: Levi Barrett

 Wilson Nash; Sandra L. Roche; Lacee Louderback

PLENARY 104: Are You a Secured Creditor? –An Inside Look at How Clients Can Better Prepare Themselves for the Inevitable

Speakers: Professor George W. Kuney; David J. Theising

PLENARY 105: Ethical Dilemmas for Construction Attorneys: Where the Ethical Choice and Legal Standards Diverge

Speakers: Keith J. Bergeron; Marion T. Hack; Professor Robert St. Martin Westley

WORKSHOP 201A: The Numbers Game: Construction Finance and Accounting

Moderator: Wm. Cary Wright

Speakers: Angela Moulton; Pat A. McGeehin

WORKSHOP 201B: Cybersecurity and Best Practices for Lawyers

Speakers: Special Agent Stephen E. Oakes; Ian T. Ramsey

WORKSHOP 301A: Taming the Beast: Avoiding Pitfalls in E-Discovery

Speakers: Brianna E. Kostecka; Jennifer Lee

WORKSHOP 301B: Laissez Les Bons Temps Roules? – What You Need to Know about Contracting Outside of the United States

Speakers: Arjun Agarwal; Christopher M. Burke

WORKSHOP 401A: Workplace Fatalites: Avoiding Orange as the New Black

Speakers: Lori Baggett; Kevin D. Bland

WORKSHOP 401B: Succession Planning – Advising Clients on Growth, Transitions, and Continuity

Speakers: Alton E. Bayard III; Sherri Lazear

WORKSHOP 501A: Leverage New Standard Contracts to Keep Your Clients’ Interests Ahead of the Curve

Speakers: Ronald D. Ciotti; Brian M. Perlberg

WORKSHOP 501B: Business Considerations When Forming Construction Teams

Moderator: Gregory S. Gilbert

Speakers: Christine McAnney; Spencer C. Weiss

PLENARY 106: Lessons Learned in the Trenches from HR Nightmares

Moderator: Jessica Alley Haddad

Speakers: Anthony G. “Tony” Stergio; E. Todd Wilkowski

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