August 29, 2017


The Cornerstone Award

2014 Holt Gwyn, Greensboro, NC

The Cornerstone Award, which honors a member of the Forum who has rendered long-term exceptional service to the construction industry, to the public and to the legal profession, was presented to Holt Gwyn at the Construction Forum’s 2014 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA.  The Cornerstone Award is the highest award presented by the Forum on Construction Law.

Gwyn is a Partner in the Greensboro, NC office of Conner Gwyn Schenck, PLLC.  He is a graduate of Wake Forest University School of Law and is a member of the American Bar Association where he is a past Chair of the Forum on the Construction Industry and the author or editor of numerous articles and books on construction law topics.  Gwyn also has an active alternative dispute resolution practice, serving as an arbitrator and a mediator on hundreds of construction disputes.

Past Recipients

2016   Roy S. Mitchell, Nashville, TN

2015   Not presented

2014   Holt Gwyn, Greensboro, NC

2013   Adrian L. Bastianelli, III, Washington, D.C.

2012   Not presented

2011   Not presented

2010   Richard Smith, Vienna, VA

2009   Deborah Griffin, Boston, MA

2008   Ava Abramowitz, Leesburg, VA

2007   Robert Rubin, New York, NY

2006   John Hinchey, Atlanta, GA

2005   Philip L. Bruner, Minneapolis, MN

2004   Stanley P. Sklar, Chicago, IL

2003   Charles F. Seemann II, New Orleans, LA

2002   Allen L. Overcash, Lincoln, NE

2001   Erwin L. Corwin, New York, NY

2000   John F. McGuinn, San Francisco, CA

1999   Hugh E. Reynolds, Jr., Indianapolis, IN
           Luther House, Jr., Atlanta, GA

1997   B. C. Hart, Minneapolis, MN

1996   Marian Mayer Berkett, New Orleans, LA
           Douglas Reimer, Chicago, IL

1995   Robert R. Hume (deceased)
           Ralph L. Kaskell, Jr., New Orleans, LA
           Charles A. Meeker, Novato, CA

In-House Counsel Fellows

Levi Clegg
Jacobsen Construction Co.

Michael Hager

Mark Kalar
Cunningham Group Architecture, Inc.

George Melo
Andron Construction Corp.

Katherine Rowe
Freehold Capital Management

Beverly Tomkins
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

Wesley Bonheim
Papich Construction

Todd Bressler
Suffolk Construction

Logan Hollobaugh
Chicago Bridge & Iron

Joelle Jefcoat

Ciara Young
Kinsley Construction, Inc.

Jennifer Morris

Matthew Gillies
HNTB Corporation

Rodney Love
Mississippi Department of Transportation