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Members of the Forum represent all segments of the construction industry: owners, design professionals, general contractors, construction managers, subcontractors, suppliers, insurers and sureties. The Forum’s mission is to serve the construction industry through education and leadership.

December 2018 - Webinar

December 2018 - Webinar

Technology in Construction Contracts: Current Best Practices and Future Challenges

Technology changes the way participants in the design and construction industry work together by requiring more collaborative information and data sharing and manipulation of shared models. Too often the use of technology is not adequately addressed in AEC contracts and contract wording is at odds with the way participants use technology and share data. This webinar brings together a practitioner and an attorney to discuss best practices for incorporating technology into contracts. What do lawyers need to understand about the current technology to best serve their clients, what are the common mistakes, and what are the potential consequences? The wave of disruptive technologies has only begun. AI built into new technologies, including BIM programs, communications software, and the IOT will effectively remove the ability to engage in the typical kind of finger-pointing analysis underlying most construction claims. Find out how new technologies will drive collaborative delivery methods and redefine working relationships as well as how contracts will need to change to embrace those changes.


January 2019 Webinar | Additive Manufacturing in Construction: Impacts and Emerging Issues

January 2019 Webinar | Additive Manufacturing in Construction: Impacts and Emerging Issues

January 16, 2018 | 1PM EST

As additive manufacturing ("AM", also known as "3D printing") technology advances beyond novelty and into the global construction industry, it brings potential for new design freedoms, greater building complexities, and enhanced efficiencies. With these potential changes, AM will also challenge the legal, regulatory, and labor regimes governing construction. This presentation discusses the advancing technology and new uses for AM in construction, as well as the emerging legal issues for the industry. - Discover the construction industry’s expanding interest in AM technology. - Examine the core issues with new uses for AM in construction. - Identify potential benefits of advancing technology for AM in construction.


2019 Midwinter Advocacy Practicum ONLY - Not Attending Meeting

2019 Midwinter Advocacy Practicum ONLY - Not Attending Meeting

The Forum is thrilled to be able to present an advocacy practicum dedicated to the elusive but laudatory goal of every construction lawyer—effective and crisp legal writing.

Separate Registration Fee: $325 per person for Advocacy Practicum ONLY - not attending meeting.


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Promoting diversity in the profession shall be a priority of the Forum. The mission of the Forum’s Diversity Committee is to raise awareness and understanding among our members and others of the vital role diversity plays in the construction industry, both nationally and globally.

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The Forum’s new Mission Statement, adopted in 2012, emphasizes the Forum’s core focus on the education and professional development of Construction lawyers. Indeed, this has been the heart of the Forum’s mission since its founding in 1976. But this is not meant to signal a narrowing of the Forum’s traditionally broad efforts at improving Construction law and practice, and at enhancing the careers of Construction lawyers generally.