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October 10, 2018

Functions and Goals

Committee Goals

SCOPO and ABA Publishing, closely partnering with ABA publishing entities, and with ABA Membership and Marketing, continue to pursue six key strategic objectives in support of the ABA’s publishing vision:

1. Transforming the ABA into a digital publisher of scale, depth, and speed to include online, eBook, mobile device, and print formats, thereby remaining competitive in the publishing marketplace;

2. Using technology and innovation to support the broad and continuous creation and updating of expert content that integrates with ABA marketing, ecommerce, licensing, and distribution strategies to increase non dues revenue;

3. Employing technology, process improvement, and new expertise to increase publishing capacity without multiplying costs;
4. Partnering with ABAction to building a publishing and information culture that makes the ABA the legal publisher of choice;

5. Partnering with Financial Services to create financial reporting that empowers the ABA and its publishing entities to analyze, control, and grow their publishing businesses; and

6. Ensuring that licensing agreements, sponsorship arrangements, and co-publishing deals involving ABA content obtain reasonable value, enhance and protect the ABA brand, and do not limit the ABA’s ability to sell, license, repurpose, or otherwise use its content.

For additional information regarding the SCOPO Periodical Guidelines, click here

Committee Functions

Consists of 12 members, eight from recommendations from the Section Officers Conference from Sections, Divisions and Forum Committees with existing publishing programs, and four atlarge members. Shall:

(1) study and recommend publishing policies and strategies to the Board of Governors and House of Delegates;

(2) provide policy oversight, supervision and direction to ABA publishing, exclusive of the ABA Journal; and

(3) work closely with the Director of ABA Publishing, who will be responsible for implementing the Association's publication policies and developing publishing and marketing initiatives designed to meet changing needs of members, produce new/increased revenues, or support other Association goals.

Member Expectations

3-year commitment

  • Liaison term determined by entity
  • Special Advisor term one year

Participation in meetings

  • Regular participation in subcommittee activity and full committee meetings at a distance (e.g., phone)
  • May have in-person gathering option available as well

Helping the ABA produce market-driven programming


  • Member Value Content Priorities
  • Books
  • Periodicals/Digital Transition