October 10, 2018

Social Media

Social Media Presence

Most ABA entities already have some presence in social media. Our members are active as well:

Percentage figures from the 2014 Legal Technology Survey Report

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When to use Social Media

Entities can use social media to:

• Encourage membership

• Deliver timely and relevant information

• Poll members on their needs and insights

• Engage members in entity activities

• Announce meetings and events

• Offer networking opportunities

• Develop communities of interest

• Promote activities, products, and services

Social Media Success

In order to succeed with social media, you will need a plan. Your plan will:

Here is a convenient checklist for success!

Social Media Policies


Additional Resources

For more information, below is a list of references (*note, these web sites are not associated with ABA – we do not endorse or assume accuracy of all information contained within)