Guns in Schools


  • The average number of school-associated violent events with multiple victims has increased from one event per school year in 1992 to five events per year in 1998 .
  • CDC Safe USA website:

  • In the 1992-2001 school years, shooting was the leading cause of violent deaths in schools (77%), and 68% of all school violent deaths occurred in high schools.
  • National School Safety Center 's Report on School Associated Violent Deaths, last updated 3/5/01.

  • 45% of elementary schools reported one or more violent incidents compared with 74% of middle schools and 77% of high schools.
  • 1998: National Center for Education Statistics. Violence and Discipline Problems in US Public Schools: 1996-97. US Department of Education, Washington, DC.

  • Of American high school students in 2001, 17% had carried a weapon including guns, knives or clubs in the 30 days before the survey – a 33% decrease from 1991.
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