Members - Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary 2020-2021

The Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary consists of fifteen members − two members from the Ninth Circuit, one member from each of the other twelve federal judicial circuits and one member-at-large. The members are appointed for staggered three-year terms by the President of the ABA. Each member contributes several hundred hours per year to this public service.

From time-to-time, at the discretion of the President and with approval of the Board of Governors, special advisors may be appointed to the Committee for one-year terms to assist in handling spikes in workload. During their tenure, special advisors exercise their duties as full members of the Committee. 

Chair and Member-at-Large

Randall D. Noel
Memphis, TN

Vice Chair
(Special Advisor)

David L. Brown
Des Moines, IA

First Circuit

Carlos A. Rodriguez-Vidal
San Juan, PR

Second Circuit

Vincent Chang
New York, NY

Third Circuit

Kenneth Allen Polite, Jr.
Philadelphia, PA

Fourth Circuit

Pamela J. Roberts
Columbia, SC

Fifth Circuit

Michael D. Hunt
Baton Rouge, LA

Sixth Circuit

John Pinney
Cincinnati, OH

Seventh Circuit

John Skilton
Madison, WI

Eighth Circuit

Sonia Miller-Van Oort
Minneapolis, MN

Ninth Circuit

Jeffrey Willis
Tucson, AZ

Yuri Mikulka
Los Angeles, CA

Tenth Circuit

Jennifer Harvey Weddle
Denver, CO

Eleventh Circuit

Suzanne E. Gilbert
Orlando, FL

D.C. Circuit

D. Jean Veta
Washington, DC

Federal Circuit

Joseph M. Drayton
New York, NY

Special Advisors

Amie Martinez
Lincoln, NE

Ronald W. Breaux
Dallas, TX

G. Glennon Troublefield
Roseland, NJ