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Women Employee Benefits Attorneys (WEBA)

Who We Are

Women Employee Benefits Attorneys (WEBA) was co-founded by Cassie Springer Ayeni and Kelly Geloneck in 2023 as part of a Long-Range Planning Project sponsored by the Joint Committee on Employee Benefits.  WEBA will be a home at the Joint Committee on Employee Benefits (JCEB) for all woman-identifying employee benefits attorneys, regardless of sex assigned at birth. We are committed to maintaining and celebrating the diversity within our community, and seek to encourage opportunities for discussion, growth, encouragement, leadership, opportunity and mentorship, all within an inclusive environment. We are also dedicated to supporting and uplifting each other with work-life balance endeavors. No matter whether you are a new associate, senior associate, long-time partner, retired, nearing retirement, or recently switched over from another legal field, WEBA is happy to accept you and collaborate with you. 

Event Highlights

WEBA recently held its first leadership committee meeting over zoom. Cynthia Stamer was appointed as the “Happiness Leader.”

A Conversation on Caring for Aging Loved Ones
Organized by Elizabeth Sloane, Marcelle Henry, Kelly Geloneck, and Cassie Springer Ayeni
September 27, 2023 at 11am Pacific / 1pm Central / 2 pm Eastern
75 mins

Taking care of aging loved ones can be a difficult journey for us and those for whom we are caring. Caught in the middle, those who are currently, will be, or have been in the "sandwich generation," might feel overwhelmed by where to begin and how to help their aging loved ones best. Join WEBA for our first WEBA-wide zoom on Caring for Aging Loved Ones. We will begin the conversation with foundational information from a New York-based Elder Law attorney, Yan Lian Kuang-Maoga, with Pitta & Baione, who manages the firm's Elder Law, Medicaid Planning, Trust and Estates Planning, Probate, Estate Administration, and Special Needs Planning practice areas. Read more about Lian at Next, fellow WEBA member Elizabeth Sloane will share her own experience in navigating these tricky waters and what she learned along the way. Finally, we will open the conversation for all in attendance to share experiences and ask questions of each other. We hope you will join us.

WEBA Leadership Committee

Our Leadership Committee members are as follows:

  • Cassie Springer Ayeni
  • Kelly Geloneck
  • Stacey Cerrone
  • Lois Chang
  • Shay Familoni
  • Phyllis Borzi
  • Marcelle J. Henry
  • Jani K. Rachelson
  • Rachel E. Morowitz
  • Emily Kile-Maxwell
  • Nancy Pridgen
  • Cynthia Stamer
  • Catherine Reagan
  • Leslie Bassett
  • Mary Powell
  • Alaina Harwood
  • T. Katuri Kaye
  • Marjorie Butler
  • Lindsey Chopin
  • Sara Corello
  • Katherine Kohn
  • Teresa Napoli
  • Mayoung Nham
  • Elizabeth Sloane
  • Nancy Smith

Join WEBA!

WEBA is open to both JCEB section members and non-members. To join click here

Stay in Touch! WEBA Forum Listserv

As a WEBA member, you are welcome and encouraged to share resources, events, news or ask questions to fellow WEBA members. The listserv email address can be found below. You are automatically added to the listserv and will receive email notifications when you join. You can always unsubscribe by clicking the “unsubscribe” link on the bottom. To join the listserv, contact JCEB.