In-Person Meeting

2013 Annual Meeting

Health Care Reform – What Now?

A panel of experts will provide an update of the key components of the Affordable Care Act and its implications relative to (1) employee benefit plan design, cost and compliance, and (2) the physician/hospital relationship. Among other topics, our distinguished panel will discuss
enrollment in the exchange and the impact on coverage in employee benefit plans, employer notice obligations, and new plan designs for 2014 for non‐grandfathered plans. Our panel will also discuss individual shared responsibility, eligibility for the premium credit, and insurance reform requirements in 2014 (such as guaranteed renewability, guaranteed availability and fair premiums). Finally, our panel will discuss the changing nature of the hospital/physician relationship and how reimbursement cuts and other financial pressures stemming from the Act are impacting physician compensation.

Jason H. Ehrenberg
, Bailey & Ehrenberg PLLC, Washington, DC

Kathryn Bakich, The Segal Company, Washington, DC
Alice King, Towers Watson, Dallas, TX
Tiffany N. Santos, Trucker Huss, APC, San Francisco, CA

Health Care Reform What Now (PowerPoint), by Kathryn Bakich
Issues Facing Health Care Providers (PowerPoint), by Alice King
Final Regulations Under the Affordable Care Act (PowerPoint), by Tiffany N. Santos

Recent DOL Enforcement Initiatives & ERISA Supreme Court Update

With the current national debate over retirement security, the latest judicial and regulatory developments in this area are of even greater importance. Moreover, with over $19 trillion in U.S. retirement assets, the retirement sector is a key growth area for many sectors. Our panel of experts will discuss recent retirement‐related and ERISA developments at the Supreme Court and on the regulatory front. In addition to considering the implications of the Court's 2013 decision in U.S. Airways v. McCutchen from both a management and plaintiff's bar perspective, the panel will provide its insights on retirement‐related issues that may come before the Court in the next few years. The panel also will provide an overview of significant regulatory developments at the Department of Labor and other agencies that have broad implications not only for the retirement industry, but also for related sectors including investment management and the securities industry.

David Cohen, Evercore Trust Co., Washington, DC

Margo Hasselman, Lewis Feinberg, Lee Renaker & Jackson PC, Oakland, CA
Doug Hinson, Alston & Bird LLP, Washington, DC
David Levine, Groom Law Group, Washington, DC
Michael Tilghman, Bailey & Ehrenberg PLLC, Washington, DC

ERISA Litigation and Regulatory Initiatives Review (PowerPoint), by David Cohen, Margo Hasselman, Doug Hinson, and David Levine