In-Person Meeting

2010 Annual Meeting

Retirement Security: Is This What's Next After Health Care Reform?

Power Point Presentation, by the Presenters

Legal Issues Arising from Employee Investment Directions Under Individual Account Plans, by Thomas Z. Reicher

A Guide to Retirement Plan Fees and Expenses, by Ronald J. Triche and Brian A. Montanez

Health Care Reform: What Employers Need to Know Now!

Historic Health Care Reform Legislation Signed by President Obama, article written by Julie Burbank

Grandfathered Plan Status - Is it Real, or Just an Illusion?, article by Julie Burbank

Grandfathered Plan Status Power Point Presentation, by Julie Burbank

National Health Care Reform:  Coverage Mandates Power Point Presentation, by Eugene M. Holmes

Chart on Grandfathered Plans, compiled by Praskauer

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