American College of Employee Benefits Counsel

The American College of Employee Benefits Counsel (ACEBC) is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization created under the auspices of the American Bar Association Joint Committee on Employee Benefits.

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Earn 2 hours of Ethics (Self-Study Credit)

Earn 2 hours of Ethics (Self-Study Credit)

Ethical Considerations for the Employee Benefits Practitioner

An overview of the current code of ethics (based on the ABA model rules), examine the application of these rules to employee benefits practice and review current issues highlighted in cases and regulatory enforcement. The specific areas that will be explored include how ethics issues faced by both in-house and outside counsel affect qualified plans, health and welfare plans, vendor selection, monitoring and negotiation issues, corporate governance issues and how these issues may overlap with fiduciary concerns.

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Essentials for Benefits Practitioners On-Demand CLE

Experts' Guide to Employee Benefits Research

The difference between a competent employee benefits lawyer and an expert often is nothing more than knowing where to look for answers.

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An Actuarial Update for ERISA Practitioners

As a benefits practitioner in the age of big data, it's necessary for you to understand actuarial information. This program will afford you the opportunity to learn the answers to the following questions: What are the assumptions for pension funding and withdrawal liability valuations (e.g. interest rate, mortality tables)? Where do these assumptions come from and what purpose do they serve? What are the differences between the assumptions used for single employer and multiemployer plans? How do actuarial issues arise in litigation?

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What ERISA Practitioners Need to Know About Accounting for Plans

Whether you focus on ERISA plan compliance issues, or litigate employee benefits issues, understanding the basics of plan accounting and the role the plan’s auditor plays is a necessity for all benefits practitioners.

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Demystifying Executive Compensation

The world of executive compensation often seems like a tangled web, full of jargon and complex and confusing concepts. The final in the series, this program will demystify executive compensation by providing an overview of a number of key areas including governance, securities law, accounting, litigation and tax.

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