May 14, 2019

Past Events and CLE

National Institutes

Health and Welfare Benefit Plans / Arlington, VA (In-Person / Oct 28-29, 2019)

ERISA Basics National Institute / Chicago, IL (In-Person / Oct 16-18, 2019)

Advance ERISA Litigation National Institute / Chicago, IL (In-Person / October 18, 2019)

Fiduciary National Institute / Washington, DC (In-Person / Apr 4, 2019)
Sponsored by  Fiduciary Resolutions and Steptoe & Johnson LLP

Employee Benefits Spring Update, Including Tax Reform / Washington, DC (In-Person / Apr 4, 2019) 
Sponsored by 
Alston & Bird LLP 

Advanced ERISA Benefit Claims Litigation / Chicago, IL (In-Person / May 17, 2018)

2020 Past CLE

The New Proposed 162(m) Regulations - What You Need to Know and Do! (Webinar / Jan 10th)

Texas V. US - One Year Later: The Status and Future Of The Affordable Care Act (Webinar / Jan 7th)

2019 Past CLE

Deal "Horror Stories" Related to Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation (Webinar / Dec 3rd)

Fee Litigation (Webinar / Nov 12th)

Supreme Court Update (Webinar / Oct 22nd)

Plan Expenses:  Avoiding Trouble Through Appropriate Use of Plan Assets (Webinar / Oct 10th)

ERISA for Non-ERISA Lawyers (Webinar / Sept 24th)

Disclosures - Get the Tea on New and Ongoing Health Plan Requirements (Webinar / Sept 12th)

Health Care Update: The Affordable Care Act... It's Still Here! (Webinar / Sept 10th)

A First Look at the New (Final!) HRA Regulations (Webinar / Jul 9th)

A Deep Dive:  Who is an Employee? (Webinar / Jun 25th)

Advanced ERISA Disability Mediation Techniques (Webinar / Jun 20th)

Arbitration:  Is There Anything Different About ERISA? (Webinar / Jun 18th)

Essentials for the Benefits Practitioner:  Demystifying Executive Compensation (Webinar / Apr 30th)

Essentials for the Benefits Practitioner: What ERISA Practitioners Need to Know About Accounting for Plans (Webinar / Mar 28th)

The Evolving World of Employee Perks: Avoiding Legal Compliance Traps When Offering Non-Traditional Benefits (Webinar / Mar 26th)

Essentials for the Benefits Practitioner: An Actuarial Update for ERISA Practitioners (Webinar / Mar 21st)

New IRS Guidance on the Section 4960 Excise Tax on Tax-Exempt Organizations (Webinar / Mar 7th)

Health Plan Savings with Direct Contracting with Health Care Providers – How to Structure and Avoid Compliance Pitfalls (Webinar / Feb 28th)

Essentials for the Benefits Practitioner:  Experts' Guide to Employee Benefits Research (Webinar / Jan 29th)

2018 Past CLE

Ethics in a Digital World (Webinar / Nov 13th)

Prescription Drug Program Trends and Litigation (Webinar / Oct 18th)

Fiduciary Risks Reach Critical Mass!  (Webinar / Sept 20th)

Executive Comp – New Takes on Old Issues: Perks, Clawbacks, and the Rule 701/Form S-8 Concept Release  (Webinar / Sept 17th)

Health Care Costs:  What's a Fiduciary to Do?  (Webinar / Sept 6th)

Health and Welfare Hot Spots - How Should an Employer Comply with Uncertainty and Change in 2018? (Webinar / Aug 21st)  

Masterpiece Cake Shop:  Intersection Between Religious and Moral Liberty and Benefits  (Webinar / Jul 12th) 

International Benefits Revolution - What's Coming Next? / Boston, MA (In-Person / Jun 10-12th)
Sponsored by IPEBLA / CBA / ABA

The New SEC Proposed Best Interest Rule and DOL Fiduciary Rule Update: What Plan Advisers and Employers Need to Know  (Webinar / May 31st)  

Benefit Plan Overpayments: Recognition, Recovery and Write-Off  (Webinar / May 24th)  

Nontraditional or Alternative Assets Held in IRAs (Webinar / Apr 19th)

Pirates of the PHI: Identifying and Responding to a Randsomware Attack According to HIPAA Best Practices (Webinar / Apr 3rd)

Mental Health Parity in 2018 – Is Your Plan Ready for a MHPAEA Audit? (Webinar / Mar 13th)

ESOP Litigation Update and Evolving Trends in ESOP Valuations (Webinar / Feb 13th)

Implications of Tax Reform for Executive Compensation (Webinar / Jan 25th)

Catching Up on the Latest from the EEOC On Wellness & Disease Management Programs Under the ADA & GINA  (Webinar / Jan 18th) 

2017 Past CLE

A Deeper Dive on 403(b) and 457 Plans for Not-For-Profit, Governmental and Religious Organizations Part II (Webinar / Dec 19th)
Sponsored by
Retirement Planology

Cross Border Governance Audits (Webinar / Dec 14th)
Co-Sponsored by the CBA and ABA JCEB

Proxy Season 2018: ISS, Pay Ratio and Other Hot Topics (Webinar / Dec 7th)

Ethical Considerations for the Employee Benefits Practitioner (Webinar / Dec 5th)

Proposed New Audit Requirements for Employee Benefit Plans (Webinar / Nov 30th)

The ABC's of Prescription Benefit Managers and Drug Purchasing Coalitions (Webinar / Nov 21st)

Practical Issues for Section 403(b) and 457 Plans for Not-For-Profit, Governmental and Religious Organizations Part I (Webinar / Nov 16th)
Sponsored by
Retirement Planology

The Nuts and Bolts of Executive Compensation (Webinar / Oct 30th)

Basics of Benefits (Webinar / Oct 10th)

Opioid Addiction and Substance Abuse: What's a Plan to Do? (Webinar / Oct 3rd)

Unauthorized Practice of Law – Issues for Employee Benefits Lawyers (Webinar / Sept 19th)

Cybersecurity: Data and Asset Protection Duties of ERISA Fiduciaries--A Free CLE (Webinar / Sept 7th)

A Practical Plan-Sponsor's View of the Final Fiduciary Rule (Webinar / Aug 31st)

Equity Compensation and Executive Compensation Issues for Partnerships and Other Privately Held Business (Webinar / Jul 25th)

The Revised Disability Claims Regulations: Where Are the Minefields? (Webinar / Jul 13th)

M&A Series Part 3: Last Minute Lessons for M&As: Tidbits gleaned from Litigation and Other New Developments (Webinar / Jul 12th)

Navigating DOL Investigations - Strategies from the Trenches in a Changing World (Webinar / Jul 11th)

Employee Benefit Plans for Partnerships (Webinar / Jun 29th)

Gearing Up in the Era of Increased HIPAA Enforcement and Cyber Security Threats - Lessons Learned and Practical Tips for Health Plans and Their Advisors (Webinar / Jun 22nd)

M&A Series Part 2: The Due Diligence Process  (Webinar / Jun 14th)

M&A Series Part 1: Covenants and Post-Transaction Clean-Up Issues and Processes (Webinar / May 24th)

W-2 or 1099? Employee and Independent Contractor Issues – Views From the Government and Private Sector (Webinar / May 25th)

Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later: How Not to Run a Benefit Plan (Webinar / May 16th)

Hot Topics in Health and Welfare Plan Litigation (Webinar / Apr 18th)

An Independent Accountant's Role in the Annual Form 5500 Process (Webinar / Apr 6th)

Did You Know... Unique State Employee Benefit and Employment Issues (Webinar / Feb 16th)

2016 Past CLE

Plan Governance in a Changing World (Webinar / Dec 20th)

Ethical Considerations for the Employee Benefits Practitioner (Webinar / Dec 15th)

Hot Topics for the 2017 Proxy Season (Webinar / Dec 13th)

Executive Compensation National Institute (In-Person / Nov 14-15)

Experts' Guide to Employee Benefits Research (Webinar / Nov 10th)

Introduction to ERISA:  An Overview (Webinar / Oct 18th)

Qualified Plans IRS Hot Topics - IRS Determination Letter Application Program Changes and Employee Plans Voluntary Closing Agreements (Webinar / Sept 27th)

Practical Employee Benefits Issues for ERISA and Non-ERISA Attorneys
(FREE CLE Webinar / Sept 20th)

Open Enrollment is Coming - Is Your Health Plan Up to Date? (Webinar / Sept 15th)

The Basics of Benefit Plans (Webinar / Sept 13th)

New Civil Procedure Rules and ERISA Litigation:  One Judge's View (Along with Counsel) -- 9 Months In (Webinar / Sept 8th)

A Practical Look at the New 409A and 457 Regulations (Webinar / Aug 18th)

M&A Series Part 3:  Litigation (Webinar / Jul 27th)

When ERISA Meets Private Equity:  What Advisors to Plans, Funds and Investors Should Consider Before Closing the Deal (Webinar / Jul 14th)

M&A Series Part 2:  Covenants and Post-Transaction Clean-up Issues and Processes (Webinar / Jul 13th)

The Final Answers:  The Supreme Court ERISA and Litigation Decisions (Webinar / Jul 12th)

M&A Series Part 1:  The Due Diligence Process (Webinar / Jun 29th)

Nuts and Bolts of Section 409A:  Practical Issues to Consider in Every Practice (Webinar / Jun 9th)

Hot Topics in Health Care Litigation under ERISA and the ACA (Webinar / Jun 7th)

Necessary Plan Language in Light of Recent Guidance from the Supreme Court and Lower Courts (Webinar / May 26th)

The Audit Trilogy Part 3:  Employer / Accountant Perspectives on Annual Retirement Plan Audits --- Welcome to Our World! (Webinar / May 24th)

State Sponsorship of IRAs or Qualified Plans for Private Sector Employees (Webinar / May 10th)

The Audit Trilogy Part 2:  Preparing for and Surviving a Health and Welfare Audit (Webinar / Apr 19th)

Navigating the Pitfalls of PBM Contract Negotiation (Webinar / Apr 12th)

The Audit Trilogy Part 1:  Demystify the IRS Qualified Retirement Plan Audit Process (Webinar / Mar 22nd)

Telemedicine - Fad or the Future of Healthcare? (Webinar / Mar 17th)

Health and Welfare Plans Regulatory and Legislative Update (Webinar / Feb 25th)

Fiduciary Issues and Data Privacy (Webinar / Feb 18th)

The Interaction of Employer-Provided Group Health Plans with Marketplace Coverage, COBRA, and Medicare (Webinar / Feb 4th)

Pension Plan Investment Products and Service Provider Contracts:  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Webinar / Jan 25th)