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Multiemployer Plan Expenses

August 8 / Virtual Webinar

Jointly administered, labor-management multiemployer plans present some unique issues involving plan assets and expenses. What expenses are properly paid out of plan assets (or not), who pays if the plan cannot pay, what is the proper allocation of expenses where the expenses are incurred related to two or more multiemployer trusts with the same board of trustees, and what circumstances warrant recusal of a fiduciary or review by an independent fiduciary? Please join our panel of experts to learn the rules and best practices regarding expenses that arise for multiemployer plans.

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The Amended QPAM Exemption: Impacts For Advisers, Attorneys, And Plan Sponsors

August 13 / Virtual Webinar

Created in 1984, the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) Prohibited Transaction Class Exemption (PTCE) 84-14 for Qualified Professional Asset Managers (QPAM) permits an ERISA investment account managed by a QPAM to complete myriad transactions with parties in interest with respect to a Plan, subject to the PTCE’s conditions. PTCE 84-14 has been a favored mechanism to manage investments in both ERISA defined benefit and defined contribution plans. The 2024 amendments have added new requirements, including new notification to the DOL, disqualification events, and recordkeeping requirements, including participant access rights to records. Learn from our panelists what amended PTCE 84-14 means for investment managers of ERISA assets, plan sponsors with plans that invest in managed pools, and attorneys who advise any of these parties.

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50 Years of ERISA Preemption: Where Do We Stand?

September 17 / Free Virtual CLE Webinar

This program will review current issues relating to ERISA preemption within the context of 50 years of caselaw defining the scope and limits of ERISA's preemptive effect. Is preemption expanding or contracting? Or is it a case-by-case determination? Our expert panel will review recent litigation involving the intersection between state laws and ERISA, including state PBM regulation, automatic IRAs, and local benefit ordinances, to explain how the law is evolving in this ever-dynamic area.

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