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July 15, 2020

Rule of Law in Times of Major Disaster

Rule of Law in Times of Major Disaster (8/07).  Set of 12 Principles in support of preservation of rule of law in times of a major disaster. They are “intended to help insure that justice will continue to be dispensed despite the damage and disruption caused by a major disaster.

The Principles are also intended to foster reliance on legal mechanisms when the effort is undertaken to restore a disaster-torn community through programs designed to compensate for loss or render assistance in recovery.” The principles include support of: proactive planning by the legal community before a major disaster strikes, collaboration of justice system actors, respect for adherence to Constitutional rights and protections, compensation to extent permitted by law of those affected by a major disaster, equitable and fair distribution of government assistance, pro bono emergency legal assistance, disaster planning by lawyers and more. Click here to view the full text of this policy.