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2008 Supplementary Guidelines

Below are descriptions and links to the Supplementary Guidelines for the Mitigation Function of Defense Teams in Death Penalty Cases, first published in the Hofstra Law Review in spring 2008. These pages include the blackletter Guidelines along with cross-references. If you wish to view the full Guidelines in a single document, use the pdf link below. You can also visit our Guidelines Page to learn more about the history, use, and implementation of the Guidelines.

View full Guidelines in pdf format

Guideline Number Description
1.1 Objective and Scope of Guidelines
4.1 The Capital Defense Team: The Role of Mitigation Specialists
5.1 Qualifications of the Defense Team
6.1 Workload
8.1 Training
9.1 Funding and Compensation
10.3 Obligations of Team Members Respecting Workload
10.4 The Defense Team: The Role of Counsel With Respect to Mitigation Specialists
10.11 The Defense Case: Requisite Mitigation Functions of the Defense Team