October 10, 2018

2003 Guideline 10.9.2


A. The informed decision whether to enter a plea of guilty lies with the client.

B. In the event the client determines to enter a plea of guilty:

1. Prior to the entry of the plea, counsel should:

a. make certain that the client understands the rights to be waived by entering the plea and that the client’s decision to waive those rights is knowing, voluntary and intelligent;

b. ensure that the client understands the conditions and limits of the plea agreement and the maximum punishment, sanctions, and other consequences to which he or she will be exposed by entering the plea;

c. explain to the client the nature of the plea hearing and prepare the client for the role he or she will play in the hearing, including answering questions in court and providing a statement concerning the offense.

2. During entry of the plea, counsel should make sure that the full content and conditions of any agreements with the government are placed on the record.