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April 11, 2018

ABA Publishes New Toolkit on Representation in Capital Clemency Cases

Representing Death-Sentenced Prisoners in Clemency (2018)

Representing Death-Sentenced Prisoners in Clemency (2018)

On April 2, 2018, the Capital Clemency Resource Initiative (CCRI) officially launched its clemency resource website to the public and announced the publication of its new book, Representing Death-Sentenced Prisoners in Clemency: A Guide for Practitioners. In addition to hundreds of clemency related resources, and alongside its novel state-by-state clemency process information, the CCRI website also now hosts the full text of the book online, where it is also downloadable in PDF format.

This text represents a start-to-finish approach to thinking about and preparing for clemency representation in capital cases, whether as a private attorney, a pro bono volunteer, or a seasoned capital defender. While clemency is inherently unpredictable—which can make the process daunting and frustrating for attorneys—it is also an incredibly important part of the death penalty process which, if approached thoughtfully, can fundamentally increase the chances of saving a client’s life. This book covers topics such as preliminary planning in a capital clemency case; contemplating victim and juror outreach; discussing clemency with your client; identifying potential messengers for your clemency campaign; and thinking about how to involve media in advocating for your client. Due to the strategic nature of much of the book’s contents, it is currently only accessible to capital defenders or attorneys representing a client in capital clemency proceedings.

If you are a defender who would like access to these materials, please register for the website.


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