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December 01, 2016

Past Steering Committee Members

The Project’s work is guided and supported by ABA Members who volunteer their time to serve on the Death Penalty Representation Project’s Steering Committee. The Project extends its gratitude to all the current and former Members who have participated over the past 30 years and helped to make our work possible.

William F. Abrams

Barbara Bader Aldave

William H. Allen*

Dennis N. Balske

Erek L. Barron

William R. Bay

Adele Bernhard

David F. Bienvenu

Emily Westridge Black

Ronald W. Breaux

Stephen Bright

Keith E. Brown

David Bruck

Susan Cary

Susan C. Casey

Claudia E. Castro

Alfreda D. Coward

Randall E. Coyne

David W. Debruin

Sara Ann Determan*

Robert B. Dunham

Anna Engh

Maureen F. Essex§

Jean M. Faria

Ann Fort

Lawrence J. Fox*

April Frazier-Camara§

Eric M. Freedman

Mark A. Fulks§

Susan Gaertner

David R. Gienapp

Bruce A. Green§

Jack Greenberg*

Tanya Greene

Samuel Gross

Morton Halperin

Stephen F. Hanlon

Albert C. Harvey

Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr.

Justin Heather

Brian T. Hermanson

Aundre Herron§

D. Alicia Hickok

Patrick E. Higginbotham

Henderson Hill

James S. Hill

Susan M. Hoffman§

Bruce E. Hopson

John P. Hutchins§

Desha Jackson

Robert M. A. Johnson

Khanh M. Josephson

Stephen O. Kinnard

Dorean Marguerite Koenig

W. Loeber Landau

James B. Lee

Jin Hee Lee§

Norman Lefstein

Margaret Colgate Love

Prentice H. Marshall, Jr.

Susan R. Martyn

Terri L. Mascherin*

Stephen N. Maskaleris

John H. Mathias, Jr.*

Paul L. McDonald

David T. McLaughlin

Joshua I. McLaurin§

Michael Millman

Natasha Minsker§

Richard E. Mulroy, Jr.

Waleed E. Nassar§

Lance P. Ogiste

Mark Olive§

Charles E. Patterson

Gwendolyn C. Payton

Lucian T. Pera

William L. Pope

Henry Ramsey, Jr.

Hugh M. Ray

Terrica L. Redfield

M. Catherine Richardson

Jeffrey D. Robinson

Estelle H. Rogers

Robert L. Rothman*

Michael D. Rubenstein*§

Ronnie A. Sabb

Gary L. Sasso

Timothy P. Schardl

Steven M. Schneebaum*

David T. Schultz

E. Donald Shapiro

William N. Shepherd§

Michael Siem

Alexis N. Stackhouse

Charlotte K. Stretch

Ronald J. Tabak*§

Daniel J. Tann

Justin Michael Taylor§

Jay Topkis*

E. Norman Veasey*

Geoffrey J. Vitt

Pauline A. Weaver*

Laurie D. Zelon

Every effort has been made to include all Steering Committee Members who served from 1986–2016, although our records prior to 1998 are limited. If you are aware of a past Member who does not appear on this list, please send us a message and we will be happy to make the addition.

* Served as Steering Committee Chair

§ Current Steering Committee Member