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Spring 2014

Volume VII Issue 1   February 2014

Supreme Court News

Death Penalty News

Civil Rights & Constitution

Death Row Prisoners Bring New Challenges to Use of Unknown Drugs in Lethal Injections

During the past several months, an increasing number of death penalty states have turned to compounding pharmacies that can create various lethal injection drugs using raw materials, bypassing the need for a commercial manufacturer. In response, challenges to the constitutionality of using these largely unregulated and often untested compounded drugs have been filed in many states by a coalition of capital defenders, volunteer law firms, and the UC Berkeley Death Penalty Clinic's Lethal Injection Project.

Volunteer Success Stories

Death Penalty

Arnall Golden & Gregory Negotiates Extraordinary Plea Deal for Former Georgia Death Row Prisoner

Volunteer lawyers from Arnall Golden & Gregory recently secured a remarkable victory for their client, former Georgia death row prisoner Joaquin Arevalo. In September 2013, a judge vacated Mr. Arevalo’s death sentence after a volunteer legal team led by Robert L. Rothman successfully argued that he received grossly inadequate representation at trial amid allegations of serious government misconduct.

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Project Press is the newsletter of the ABA Death Penalty Representation Project. Each issue contains news about the Project, clients in need of pro bono assistance, death penalty cases and opinions, training opportunities, and much more!

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