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Year-End 2010

  December 2010

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Death Penalty

Director's Message

We rely almost entirely on the generosity of people like you to do our work. We are the only organization working nationally to ensure that every death-sentenced person has a competent lawyer. It is a simple proposition, but one that we must fight for every day. Good lawyers make the difference between life and death, between fairness and injustice. Our small budget contains no funding to help us recruit volunteer lawyers, to train defenders, to reform the counsel systems that fail poor people every day, and to advocate for those on Death Row who have no voice. This is what you make possible with your donation.

Project News

About Project Press

Project Press is the newsletter of the ABA Death Penalty Representation Project. Each issue contains news about the Project, clients in need of pro bono assistance, death penalty cases and opinions, training opportunities, and much more!


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