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June 01, 2009

Mayer Brown secures withdrawal of death sentence for client Deryl Madison

On July 24, 2009, volunteer attorneys at Mayer Brown LLP secured a withdrawal of the death sentence for longstanding client Deryl Madison in exchange for a sentence of life without parole. Mr. Madison was found guilty of capital murder on June 19, 1989.   When Mayer Brown took the case in 2001, Madison faced an execution date in just three weeks. The team first obtained a stay of execution and then an order tolling the expired time limits applicable for bringing a habeas corpus petition under the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act. Subsequently, US District Judge Nancy Atlas of the Southern District of Texas (Houston) granted habeas corpus relief based on the Supreme Court’s decisions in Penry and Tennard. The team ultimately reached an agreement with the Harris County District Attorney’s office to terminate the threat of execution. In support of its representation, Mayer Brown also filed a series of amicus briefs on issues central to Madison’s defense in the US Supreme Court and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Congratulations to the Mayer Brown team!