Ethics Hotline (EthicsPoint)

Our Commitment to Compliance and Ethical Behavior

The American Bar Association (“ABA”) is committed to full compliance with the laws and regulations that govern the ABA’s work, in both letter and spirit.  Additionally, the ABA is committed to advancing its mission of Defending Liberty and Pursuing Justice in a workplace that is fair, promotes mutual respect, and is free of fraudulent activity and unethical behavior.

The ABA’s Business Conduct Standards (“BCS”), adopted by the Board of Governors and supported by the Executive Director, demand of each employee the highest level of ethical behavior and professional integrity.  In particular, the BCS require employees to use good judgment, avoid illegal and dishonest behavior, and protect the ABA’s assets.  Each employee is responsible for understanding the BCS and annually attending an ABA Ethics Workshop.

Standing Behind Our Commitment

To support our commitment to legal compliance and ethical behavior, the ABA maintains several channels of communication for asking questions and reporting issues. As an employee, your primary channel is your supervisor.  Other channels may include: Human Resources, Senior Managers, General Counsel, Internal Audit, and the Executive Director.  Recognizing that there may be situations requiring an independent or anonymous channel, the ABA has designated an Ethics Officer and contracted a third-party service provider.

Submitting a Question or Filing a Report

Employees and other stakeholders may discuss ethical issues, seek clarification of the BCS, and report BCS violations, unethical behavior, or unlawful acts to the members of the Ethics Office as follows:

Director, Human Resources
Annette Reyes
(312) 988-5526

Interim General Counsel
Annaliese Fleming
(312) 988-5777

For Foreign Corrupt Practices Act questions or reports:

Kevin Pak
Principal Deputy General Counsel
(312) 988-5211

You may also report ethical issues to:

Rebecca "Becky" Biller
Associate General Counsel
(312) 988-5426

Alternately, questions or reports may be submitted to EthicsPoint, a third-party service provider. Users may choose to submit information to EthicsPoint anonymously or with the user’s identification. Users should monitor the status of their submission (with a private key code and password) until marked “Closed,” especially in cases where an investigation may be warranted. EthicsPoint may be accessed by:

Phone: 800-536-6783