Standing Committee on Audit

The Committee recommends the selection, retention, and compensation of the Association’s independent auditors for approval by the Board of Governors; ascertains that the Association’s auditors are independent from the Association and its management and are ultimately accountable to the Board of Governors; reviews the results of the annual external audit and related reports for all financial statements; reviews the internal audit function of the Association including the proposed internal audit plan for each fiscal year and all reports issued by the internal audit department; receives, investigates when necessary, and causes response to be made to inquiries or complaints by any member or employee of the Association concerning financial operations of the Association.

The Committee

The Standing Audit Committee assists the Board of Governors of the American Bar Association in fulfilling its oversight responsibility relating to the (i) integrity of the Association's financial statements and financial reporting process and the Association's systems of internal accounting and financial controls; (ii) performance of the internal auditors; (iii) annual independent audit of the Association's financial statements, engagement of the independent auditors, and evaluation of the independent auditors' qualifications, independence, and performance; (iv) compliance by the Association with legal and regulatory requirements, including the Association's disclosure controls and procedures;

(v) administration of the Association's Business Conduct Standards, compliance process, and activities through the Association's Ethics Office; (vi) evaluation of management's process to identify, assess, and manage the Association's enterprise risk issues; (vii) evaluation of the Association's system of internal controls to provide the Board of Governors with reasonable assurance regarding the Association's objectives; and (viii) fulfillment of the other responsibilities set out herein. The Committee also shall prepare an annual report of the Committee required to be included in an annual report to the Association's House of Delegates. 

The Members