Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits


Did you know that membership in the American Bar Association is free for newly licensed JAGs?
If you are a JAG and have been licensed for five years or less, you are eligible for a free ABA membership .* If you're not a newly licensed JAG, but know someone who is, please pass this valuable offer along!

With your free ABA membership, you'll enjoy these member benefits and services:

Professional Development Resources

  • Career Advancement and Networking Opportunities: ABA Career Counsel resources, including résumé and interview tips, job listings and articles, plus networking opportunities at ABA Meetings, on Discussion Boards and e-mail lists
  • Continuing Legal Education: CLE courses on a range of topics with many format options to choose from: online, live/in-person, teleconference, webcast and more
  • Publications: ABA Journal and eReport, books, magazines, and newsletters, and the e-newsletter, Your ABA
  • Legislative and Governmental Advocacy: lobbying Congress, the Executive Branch and other governmental entities on issues of importance to the legal profession and the ABA

Practice Assistance

Insurance plans and special savings; online legal research, reference and technology resources, and travel benefits; plus practice management and marketing resources

Opportunities to Serve Others
Law-related and public service initiatives abound at the ABA. Join committees, work for important causes, and find pro bono opportunities.

And much more!

To join the ABA for free, go to

*If you are a JAG, have been licensed for five years or less, and have already paid your ABA membership dues for 2008-2009, contact the ABA Service Center at 800-285-2221 to have your membership record updated to reflect your JAG status and to inquire about a refund.