Standing Committee on Armed Forces Law

The Standing Committee on Armed Forces Law addresses the issues of direct importance to the practice of law within the Department of Defense, including the thousands of military and civilian attorneys and their support teams globally. Learn more about the Standing Committee’s activities.

Committee Awards

Outstanding Military Service Career Judge Advocate Award

Demonstrates excellence in Service to the legal profession in the Armed Service over the nominee’s legal career, as well as service to their community.

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Keithe E. Nelson Distinguished Service Award

Awards shall be for authorship of exceptional, published, literary efforts which advance and serve interests and understanding of military law or enhance status of lawyers in the Armed Forces.

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The Standing Committee on Armed Forces Law (SCAFL) was established in August 1994 as a single committee to replace two previously existing Standing Committees: the Standing Committee on Military Law and the Standing Committee on Lawyers in the Armed Forces. The Standing Committee has jurisdiction over matters relating to law in the Armed Forces, and its purpose is to study and make recommendations on: The administration of laws, regulations and practices in the Armed Forces and the court-martial system; the protection of the legal rights and constitutional guarantees of personnel in the Armed Forces; and the ability of lawyers and judges in the Armed Forces to practice in conformity with all applicable Association standards. In addition to its unique role within the ABA of conducting ongoing studies and recommendations on military substantive law and practice, the Committee also fills an important role in bringing the Association, its goals and objectives to the military legal community through committee outreach efforts.

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