Conference Materials



The Second National Parents’ Attorneys Conference: Improving Representation in the Child Welfare System was held on July 13-14, 2011. Materials are linked below:





Teen Parent Connection – “A holistic approach to representing minor parents who are in foster care.”
• Teen Parent Connection Paper
• Teen Parent Connection PowerPoint

Darice M. Good, Diana Rugh Johnson, Molly Casey and Judge Vincent C. Crawford



Advocating for Reasonable Efforts in Unreasonable Budgetary Times.
• Handout

Amelia Watson, Brett Ballew, and Jacob D’Annunzio



Effective Brief-Writing for Parents’ Counsel in Child Welfare Appeals
• Spotting and Evaluating Issues on Appeal PowerPoint
• Top Ten Do’s and Dont's for Persuasive Appellate Briefs
• Preparing Your Roadmap
• Making the “Questions Presented” an Advocacy Tool
• Effective Brief Writing
• Effective Argument Headers Memo

Andrew Cohen, Vivek Sankaran, Judge Daniel Taubman and Annick Lenoir-Peek



Building a ‘Best Practices’ Interdisciplinary Practice: Shared Ownership, Shared Authorship
• Team Ownership and Team Authorship
• Interdisciplinary Communication Vignettes

Michele Cortese and Jill Cohen



Working with Vulnerable Populations
• Supporting Families with Incarcerated Parents
• The Implications of Incarceration
• Teen Parent Temple Law Review article
• The Impact of Immigration Enforcement
• Vulnerable Population Scenarios

Sara Katz and Jey Rajaraman



Confronting Stereotypes/Biases
• Practicing in the Court of Public Opinion
• Changing the Narrative of Child Welfare
Matt Fraiden, Nora McCarthy, and Richard Wexler



Representing Parents Prior to Removal: Legal Programs working to Prevent Placement and Increase Parent Engagement
• The Importance of Early Attorney Involvement in Child Welfare Cases
• Chart of Right to Counsel Statutes

Trine Bech, Elizabeth Bruzzo, Christie Marra, Tracy Green, and Mark Briggs



Child Safety: A Guide for Judges and Lawyers. Or “Both a Sword and a Shield.”
• Child Safety Decision Making PowerPoint
• Child Safety Guide

Timothy Travis and Terri Roe Lund



The Intersection of Child Welfare and the Criminal Justice System: Maximizing Resources and Minimizing Damage When Your Client Faces Child Abuse Allegation in Criminal and Dependency Court
• Affirmation Court Pleading
• Criminal Consequences Paper

Kara Finck, Ariane Eigler, Diana Rugh Johnson, and Robert G. Rubin



The Timing of TPR: Contemplating the Consequences of ASFA
• Reinstatement of Parental Rights

Judge Britt Hammond and Christopher Church


An Innovative Approach to Engagement:  Parents with Personal Experience in the Foster Care System as Part of the Legal Team
• From Rights to Reality
• Michigan Child Welfare Law Journal

Martha Raimon, Juliana Hoyt, Donna Sherlaw, Hilary Kushins, and Rosalio Chavoya



Camreta/Alford v. Greene: Developing the Arguments Before the Supreme Court, The Ruling, and the Implications For Future Civil Rights Litigation on Behalf of Families
• Family Defense Center Brief
• Camreta v. Greene Ruling Summary
• List of Briefs
• Camreta Brief Excerpts

Carolyn Kubitschek, Diane L. Redleaf, and David Lansner



Collaboration vs. Zealous Advocacy: Ethically Inconsistent or Highly Compatible? 
• Collaboration v. Zealous Advocacy Paper
Gary Seiser, Candi Mayes, and John Passalacqua



Prejudice and Punishment: Judging Mothers Who Use Drugs
• 2010 Drug Myth Factsheet
• Methadone and Pregnancy FAQ
• Drugs, Pregnancy and Parenting: What the Experts Say
• Pregnant Women, Junk Science, Zealous Defense

Dr. Robert G. Newman and Emma S. Ketteringham



The Overlap of Child Welfare, Family Court and Immigration: Problems, Practices and Suggestions for Reform
• Child Welfare Consequences of Immigration

Kara Finck, Jennifer Friedman and Seth Wessler



Advocating for Incarcerated Parents and their Children
• York County Incarcerated Parents Policy

Honorable Marguerite D. Downing, Marlene Furth, Amie Gladfelter, Daniel Worley and Donald Burchett



Reinstatement of Parental Rights: Overview of statutes, practical impact, and tips for legislative advocacy
• Resurrecting Parents of Legal Orphans: Un-Terminating Parental Rights
• Legal Orphan letter
• Legal Orphans Proposal

Elizabeth Thornton, Miriam Krinsky and LaShanda Taylor