Parent Representation Guide Offers practical guidance for attorneys representing parents in the child welfare system.
Finding Your Way Nine short guides help noncustodial fathers in child protection cases.
Handbook on Questioning Children Get your copy of the new Handbook on Questioning Children - everything lawyers and judges should know when interviewing children in forensic settings.
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Representing Parents in Child Welfare Cases: Advice and Guidance for Family Defenders
Martin Guggenheim & Vivek S. Sankaran
Date: 2015
Cost: $99.95 (list), $74.95 (ABA members)
Proceeds support the ABA Parent Representation Project

Indicators of Success for Parent Representation
Author: ABA Center on Children and the Law, Parent Representation Project
Date: 2015
Cost: Free download

Model Family Foster Home Licensing Standards
Authors: ABA Center on Children & the Law, Generations United, Annie E. Casey Foundation, National Association for Regulatory Administration
Date: 2014
Cost: Free download

Handbook on Questioning Children: A Linguistic Perspective (3rd Ed.)
Revised handbook for child law practitioners who conduct forensic interviews. The Third Edition brings the latest research and practical information together in an accessible format.
Authors: Anne Graffam Walker & Julie Kenniston
Date: 2013
Cost: $30 (single); bulk discounts available (PC 3490008)

Making It Work: Using the Guardianship Assistance Program (GAP) to Close the Permanency Gap for Children in Foster Care
Authors: Children’s Defense Fund, Child Trends, ABA Center on Children and the Law, Casey Family Programs, Child Focus, and Generations United
Date: 2012
Cost: Free download

Finding Your Way in Child Protection Cases: Guides for Fathers
Authors: Jessica Kendall & Lisa Pilnik
Date: 2011
Cost: Free
English version (download only)
Spanish version (Encontrando Su Camino: Guías Para Papás en Casos de Protección de Menores) Available from the Child Welfare Information Gateway.

Relative Foster Care Waivers in the States: Policies and Possibilities
Authors: ChildFocus, the Children’s Defense Fund, Generations United, and the ABA Grandfamilies State Law and Policy Resource Center
Date: September 2010
Cost: Free download

Representing Juvenile Status Offenders
Authors: Hannah Benton, Shay Bilchik, Jana Heyd, Erika Pinheiro, Claire Shubik, Tobie J. Smith, Martha Stone, Casey Trupin & Joseph B. Tulman
Date: 2010
Cost: Free download

Child Safety: A Guide for Judges and Attorneys
Author: Theresa Roe Lund MSSW and Jennifer L. Renne

Date: 2009
Cost: $21.99
Free download

Healthy Beginnings, Healthy Futures: A Judge’s Guide
Author: Eva J. Klain JD, Lisa Pilnik JD, MS, Erin Talati JD, MD, Candice L. Maze JD, Kimberly Diamond-Berry PhD, Lucy Hudson MS
Date: 2009
Cost: Free (customer pays S&H)

Advocating for Nonresident Fathers in Child Welfare Court Cases

Authors: Andrew L. Cohen, Richard Cozzola, Kathleen Creamer, Judge Leonard P. Edwards (ret.), Daniel L. Hatcher, Mark S. Kiselica, Jennifer L. Rennem Vivek S. Sankaran & Andrya Soprych
Date: October 2009
Cost: Free (customer pays S&H)

Opening Doors for LGBTQ Youth in Foster Care: A Guide for Lawyers and Judges
Author: Mimi Laver and Andrea Khoury
Publication Date: 2008
Out of Print

Families in Need of Critical Assistance: Legislation and Policy Aiding Youth Who Engage in Noncriminal Misbehavior Author: Jessica R. Kendall
Date: 2007
Out of Print

Achieving Permanency for Adolescents in Foster Care: A Guide for Legal Professionals
Authors: Sharon G. Elstein, Rachel Feldheim, Andrea Khoury, Eva J. Klain, Drenda Lakin, Natalie Lyons, Gerald P. Mallon, Kathleen McNaught, Nancy Pineles and Edi Winkle
Date: 2006
Free download

Learning Curves: Education Advocacy for Children in Foster Care
Author: Kathleen M. McNaught
Date: 2004
Cost: $15.95
Free download

Legal Ethics in Child Welfare Cases

Author: Jennifer Renne
Date: 2004
Cost: Free download (PDF)

Making it Permanent

Authors: Cecilia Fiermonte & Jennifer L. Renne

Date: 2002

Cost: Free download

Making Sense of the ASFA Regulations
Authors: Debra Baker, Howard Davidson, Heidi Redlich Epstein, Cecilia Fiermonte, Mark Hardin, Veronica Hemrich, Molly Hicks, Eva Klain, Anne Marie Lancour, Mimi Laver, Jennifer Renne
Date: 2001
Cost: Free download

Keeping Kids Out of the System: Creative Legal Practice As A Community Child Protection Strategy

Author: Leigh Goodmark
Date: 2001
Out of Print

Foundations for Success: Strengthening Your Agency Attorney Office

Author: Mimi Laver and Claire Sandt (ed.)
Date: 1999
Cost: $14.95

A Judge's Guide to Improving Legal Representation of Children

Authors: Kathi L. Grasso (editor), Howard A. Davidson, Brian Finley, and Miriam A. Rollin
Date: 1998
Cost: $19.95 (print) / Free download

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