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Representing Parents in Child Welfare Cases: Advice and Guidance for Family Defenders
Martin Guggenheim & Vivek S. Sankaran
Date: 2015
Cost: $99.95 (list), $74.95 (ABA members)
Proceeds support the ABA Parent Representation Project

Indicators of Success for Parent Representation
Author: ABA Center on Children and the Law, Parent Representation Project
Date: 2015
Cost: Free download

Model Family Foster Home Licensing Standards
Authors: ABA Center on Children & the Law, Generations United, Annie E. Casey Foundation, National Association for Regulatory Administration
Date: 2014
Cost: Free download

Handbook on Questioning Children: A Linguistic Perspective (3rd Ed.)
Revised handbook for child law practitioners who conduct forensic interviews. The Third Edition brings the latest research and practical information together in an accessible format.
Authors: Anne Graffam Walker & Julie Kenniston
Date: 2013
Cost: $30 (single); bulk discounts available (PC 3490008)

Making It Work: Using the Guardianship Assistance Program (GAP) to Close the Permanency Gap for Children in Foster Care
Authors: Children’s Defense Fund, Child Trends, ABA Center on Children and the Law, Casey Family Programs, Child Focus, and Generations United
Date: 2012
Cost: Free download

Finding Your Way in Child Protection Cases: Guides for Fathers
Authors: Jessica Kendall & Lisa Pilnik
Date: 2011
Cost: Free
English version (download only)
Spanish version (Encontrando Su Camino: Guías Para Papás en Casos de Protección de Menores) Available from the Child Welfare Information Gateway.

Relative Foster Care Waivers in the States: Policies and Possibilities
Authors: ChildFocus, the Children’s Defense Fund, Generations United, and the ABA Grandfamilies State Law and Policy Resource Center
Date: September 2010
Cost: Free download

Representing Juvenile Status Offenders
Authors: Hannah Benton, Shay Bilchik, Jana Heyd, Erika Pinheiro, Claire Shubik, Tobie J. Smith, Martha Stone, Casey Trupin & Joseph B. Tulman
Date: 2010
Cost: Free download

Child Safety: A Guide for Judges and Attorneys
Author: Theresa Roe Lund MSSW and Jennifer L. Renne

Date: 2009
Cost: $21.99
Free download

Healthy Beginnings, Healthy Futures: A Judge’s Guide
Author: Eva J. Klain JD, Lisa Pilnik JD, MS, Erin Talati JD, MD, Candice L. Maze JD, Kimberly Diamond-Berry PhD, Lucy Hudson MS
Date: 2009
Cost: Free (customer pays S&H)

Advocating for Nonresident Fathers in Child Welfare Court Cases

Authors: Andrew L. Cohen, Richard Cozzola, Kathleen Creamer, Judge Leonard P. Edwards (ret.), Daniel L. Hatcher, Mark S. Kiselica, Jennifer L. Rennem Vivek S. Sankaran & Andrya Soprych
Date: October 2009
Cost: Free (customer pays S&H)

Opening Doors for LGBTQ Youth in Foster Care: A Guide for Lawyers and Judges
Author: Mimi Laver and Andrea Khoury
Publication Date: 2008
Out of Print

Families in Need of Critical Assistance: Legislation and Policy Aiding Youth Who Engage in Noncriminal Misbehavior Author: Jessica R. Kendall
Date: 2007
Out of Print

Achieving Permanency for Adolescents in Foster Care: A Guide for Legal Professionals
Authors: Sharon G. Elstein, Rachel Feldheim, Andrea Khoury, Eva J. Klain, Drenda Lakin, Natalie Lyons, Gerald P. Mallon, Kathleen McNaught, Nancy Pineles and Edi Winkle
Date: 2006
Free download

Learning Curves: Education Advocacy for Children in Foster Care
Author: Kathleen M. McNaught
Date: 2004
Cost: $15.95
Free download

Legal Ethics in Child Welfare Cases

Author: Jennifer Renne
Date: 2004
Cost: Free download (PDF)

Making it Permanent

Authors: Cecilia Fiermonte & Jennifer L. Renne

Date: 2002

Cost: Free download

Making Sense of the ASFA Regulations
Authors: Debra Baker, Howard Davidson, Heidi Redlich Epstein, Cecilia Fiermonte, Mark Hardin, Veronica Hemrich, Molly Hicks, Eva Klain, Anne Marie Lancour, Mimi Laver, Jennifer Renne
Date: 2001
Cost: Free download

Keeping Kids Out of the System: Creative Legal Practice As A Community Child Protection Strategy

Author: Leigh Goodmark
Date: 2001
Out of Print

Foundations for Success: Strengthening Your Agency Attorney Office

Author: Mimi Laver and Claire Sandt (ed.)
Date: 1999
Cost: $14.95

A Judge's Guide to Improving Legal Representation of Children

Authors: Kathi L. Grasso (editor), Howard A. Davidson, Brian Finley, and Miriam A. Rollin
Date: 1998
Cost: $19.95 (print) / Free download

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