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Who We Are

The ABA Center for Innovation was proposed in the 2016  in the Report on the Future of Legal Services.  It is a place for collaborative and creative thinking about transforming the US justice system. We believe the intersection of law and technology affords the profession a tremendous opportunity to reshape both the delivery of, and access to, legal services for the 21st century.

The unique position of the ABA allows for multi-disciplinary approaches to test, examine, and measure new ways to address old problems.

The Center seeks input from, and collaboration with, practicing attorneys, technologists, innovators, designers, consumers of legal services, social entrepreneurs and those in public policy, to develop new projects, programming and other resources to help drive innovation in the delivery of legal services and the practice of law.

The Center partners with corporations, foundations, universities, law schools, ABA entities (such as sections, divisions, forums, committees and commissions), state and local bar associations, and government entities.

The Center works with lawyers, law firms, law schools, courts, public interest groups, government entities, and all others interested in improving all phases of our justice system.

The Center has a governing and advisory council consisting of leaders in technology, innovation, design thinking, and the legal services industry.

What We Do

OUR MISSION: Encourage and accelerate innovations that improve the affordability, effectiveness, efficiency, and accessibility of legal services.

OPERATING PRINCIPLES: The Center for Innovation enables the profession, including law firms of all sizes, corporate legal departments, courts, legal services lawyers, lawyers in the criminal justice system, law schools and bar associations, to be creative, daring and powerful forces for change. The Center is entrepreneurial, experimental and agile in its work. Looking beyond traditional collaborators and projects, the Center encourages and supports new kinds of partnerships and initiatives that may succeed, or fail, but will all add to the base of knowledge needed to generate true innovation in the delivery of legal services.

In the News

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