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Access to Justice Commissions

Over 30 jurisdictions have launched statewide Access to Justice Commissions (or their equivalent) as vehicles for expanding access to justice in civil legal matters for low-income people. Although the work of these groups varies from state to state, there are a broad range of issues on which they may be involved, including:

  • developing strategic plans for the overall statewide legal services delivery system,
  • identifying and assessing current and future civil legal services needs of low-income persons,
  • fostering the development of statewide, integrated civil legal services delivery systems,
  • increasing resources and funding for civil legal aid providers and pro bono clearinghouses, and
  • supporting self-represented litigants.

Access to Justice (ATJ) Commission members and staff play critical roles in ensuring that pro bono is an essential element of fully integrated civil legal aid delivery systems. Extensive resources and information to support this goal can be found on this site and elsewhere:



Updated March 5, 2020