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University of Nevada, Las Vegas William S. Boyd School of Law

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
William S. Boyd School of Law
4505 Maryland Parkway
Box 451003
Las Vegas, NV 89154-1003

Law School Pro Bono Programs

Contact Information

Lydia Nussbaum
Associate Dean for Experiential Legal Education
[email protected]
(702) 895-2454

Category Type

Pro Bono Graduation Requirement--Community Service Graduation Requirement 

Description of Programs

The law school requires first-year students to participate in a community service program. Working with Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada and Nevada Legal Services, teams of students prepare and conduct weekly workshops for unrepresented people on basic procedures in family or small claims court and on paternity, custody, guardianship, tenants' rights and bankruptcy matters. This program offers students the chance to educate groups of people in a general way without giving specific legal advice. Students are required to attend approximately five hours of training and the student teams conduct weekly, two-hour workshops. In the second half of their law school careers, students will have the opportunity, under direct faculty supervision, to represent real clients in a variety of externships and in-house legal clinics, as well as to work one-on-one with an attorney mentor on cases in consumer law, child welfare, family law and tax law. By so doing, they gain valuable training and experience. Moreover, these sorts of experiences should help to reinforce the students' commitment to community service, while demonstrating to the students that there is a large unmet need for legal services in our society today. We hope that Boyd School of Law students and graduates will be a positive force - throughout their careers - in meeting this need and in making their community a better place.

Location of Programs

With the Clinical/Externship Program 


The Law School has a part-time attorney assigned to the program. Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada and Nevada Legal Services assign staff attorneys to supervise the students teaching the community free legal education classes. 


The program is funded by the law school.  

Faculty and Administrative Pro Bono

The Law School places heavy service demands upon its faculty and encourages pro bono legal representation, testifying before legislative committees, teaching continuing education courses, educating non-lawyers about the law and our legal system, serving as a mediator or arbitrator, participating in professional associations and many other activities. Such activities are not only good in and of themselves, they can inform both teaching and scholarship as well as contribute to the intellectual life of the legal community. 


The School conducts a reception each semester honoring all students who participated in the Christine Smith Community Service Program. Outstanding students in the program are awarded certificates and scholarships for their service. Additional annual awards are the Barbara Buckley Community Service Award awarded to an outstanding graduating student who contributed significantly to the outside community and to the law school community and the Clark County Outstanding Student Pro Bono Award awarded to a student for outstanding pro bono contributions in the legal community.

Alternative Winter or Spring Break Projects

None Listed.

Law School Public Interest Programs

Contact Information

Nikki Harris
Interim Assistant Dean of Career [email protected]

Certificate/Curriculum Programs


Public Interest Centers


PI Career Support Center


Loan Repayment Assistance Programs (LRAP)