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Fordham University School of Law

Fordham University School of Law
150 West 62nd Street
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Law School Pro Bono Programs

Contact Information

Leah Horowitz, Esq.
Assistant Dean for Public Interest and Social Justice Initiatives
Public Interest Resource Center
(212) 636-7789 
[email protected]       

Category Type

Independent Student Pro Bono Group Projects with no school-wide program.   

Description of Programs

The Public Interest Resource Center strives to educate law students about pro bono and community service volunteer opportunities through actual experiences working with people in need. The work of the Center is based on the premise that students leading students increases opportunities so the majority of the opportunities are through our PIRC Student Groups. Our centers and institutes , particularly our Feerick Center for Social Justice which offers pro bono opportunities in the areas of economic and immigrant justice, also engage in a tremendous amount of pro bono work.

Location of Programs

The Public Interest Resource Center   


In addition to pro bono, the pro bono staff is also responsible for public interest counseling and programming.


The pro bono program is funded by the law school's operating budget.      

Faculty and Administrative Pro Bono

In 1995, Fordham adopted guidelines for faculty pro bono involvement. It is suggested that members of faculty should volunteer at least 50 hours of pro bono work annually, as suggested by the ABA. The guidelines stated the law school should encourage and support pro bono work by the faculty and successful implementation of this should include recognition, administrative support, conferences and faculty colloquia, summer pro bono work and leaves of absences. Successful implementation of this policy has created new opportunities for using students in research assistance, pro bono projects, independent study, and course offerings supporting pro bono work.   


The Archibald R. Murray Public Service Award: This award is given to students in the graduating class of the Law School who have devoted 100 - 249 hours to pro bono and/or community service work during their years as Fordham law students; those who completed 250 - 499 hours will receive a cum laude Murray Award; those who completed 500 - 999 hours will receive a magna cum laude Murray award and students who completed 1000 + hours will receive a summa cum laude Murray award. The award is named in honor of Archibald R. Murray a Fordham Class of 1960 graduate who was the Executive Director of The Legal Aid Society for over 20 years. The text of the award reads, “in grateful acknowledgment of your response to the call of public need as exemplified by Archibald R. Murray, Class of 1960, whose career embodies the highest standards of public service.” Student Leadership Award: This award is presented annually to students in the graduating class who have served on the Boards of Directors of their respective organizations in the Public Interest Resource Center during their years at Fordham Law. The text of the award reads,“in recognition of your outstanding commitment and efforts on behalf of the Fordham Law School community through your dedication and service to [your student public interest organization].”

Alternative Winter or Spring Break Projects

This can vary by year and was impacted by the pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, the Feerick Center for Social Justice  in collaboration with student groups would travel to Dilley, TX to assist detained women and children seeking asylum. Other students groups have organized service trips and projects.

Law School Public Interest Programs

Contact Information

Leah Horowitz, Esq. 
Assistant Dean for Public Interest and Social Justice Initiatives
Public Interest Resource Center 
(212) 636 7789 
[email protected] 

Certificate/Curriculum Programs

Public Interest Centers

Our Fordham Law centers and institutes do a wide range of public interest work.   

PI Career Support Center

The Public Interest Resource Center provides in-depth public interest career counseling to all interested students, including one-on-one counseling sessions and related programming.

Loan Repayment Assistance Programs (LRAP)