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Albany Law School

Albany Law School
80 New Scotland Avenue
Albany, NY 12208

Law School Pro Bono Programs 

Contact Information

Professor Edward W. De Barbieri
Professor of Law
[email protected]

Category Type

Formal Voluntary Pro Bono Program Characterized by a Referral System with a Coordinator

Description of Programs

Albany Law School has a deep and abiding commitment to pro bono service and to supporting students pursuing public interest and public sector careers as the law school’s distinguished faculty includes some of the leading scholars in criminal, environmental, health, and government practice. The Pro Bono Coordinator, who is based within The Edward P. Swyer Justice Center, works closely with students, community partners, and faculty to broaden the scope and range of pro bono service learning opportunities. The Coordinator works with legal services organizations, agencies, community resource enters, and faculty to develop legal or law related service-learning opportunities for students; oversees and provides institutional support to pro bono programs, including the Pro Bono Society; and engages national pro bono organizations to increase awareness and visibility of Albany Law School’s programs and projects. Finally, each of the clinics within The Edward P. Swyer Justice Center at Albany Law School provide unique opportunities for students to gain invaluable legal skills while aiding those most in need.

Location of Programs

With the clinic/externship program.


A faculty member supervises the pro bono program.


The Pro Bono Program is funded by the law school and grants.

Faculty and Administrative Pro Bono

A number of Albany Law faculty are involved in pro bono work and in many instances work closely with student pro bono interns. 


We host an Annual Recognition Event for Students, Faculty Advisors, and Community Partners who do exemplary pro bono work. We also participate in Pro Bono Week/ Month with a series of concerted efforts on and off campus to expose students to the importance of pro bono work.

Alternative Winter or Spring Break Projects


Law School Public Interest Programs

Contact Information

Professor Sarah Rogerson
Professor and Director of the Edward P. Swyer Justice Center
[email protected]
(518) 445-2328

Certificate/Curriculum Programs

Public Interest Centers

The Edward P. Swyer Justice Center at Albany Law School combines theory and practice and acts as an in-house public interest law firm, providing free legal services to eligible clients in the Capital Region. In a typical academic year, The Justice Center recruits more than 200 students for clinic projects, representing hundreds of clients and assisting many more individuals and organizations through technical assistance and community education activities. The Justice Center at Albany Law School's mission is to provide high quality legal representation and to teach students to be skilled professionals who practice law with compassion and sensitivity to individual client needs.

PI Career Support Center

Every student has the opportunity to work hand in hand with a career counselor from the very beginning of law school. The effectiveness of this partnering is evident, not only when students receive job offers, but also when students meaningfully determine their future career goals. Our mission is to make sure students have every available resource to achieve those goals. Public interest opportunities include legal aid and legal services offices both in New York State, New York City, and across the nation.

Loan Repayment Assistance Programs (LRAP)