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University of Wisconsin Law School

University of Wisconsin
Law School
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Madison, WI 53706

Law School Pro Bono Programs

Contact Information

Lindsay Slaker, JD
Director, Pro Bono Program
[email protected]

Category Type

Formal Voluntary Pro Bono Program Characterized by a Referral System with a Coordinator  

Description of Programs

The Pro Bono Program provides students with opportunities to deliver law-related services to community members of limited financial means. Students are assisted and supported by Pro Bono Program staff with placements in nonprofit organizations and government agencies, where their pro bono work is performed under appropriate supervision. In keeping with the law school's law-in-action tradition, students develop legal and professional skills, gain practical, hands-on experience in real work environments and explore their ethical responsibility to provide pro bono service. Students participate in over 15 different projects and can also create their own project subject to approval by the Pro Bono Program Director.  

Location of Programs

The Pro Bono Program is located in the Career Services office.  


The Director of the Pro Bono Program is also responsible for public interest and government career advising.  


The Pro Bono Program is funded by the law school's operating budget.  

Faculty and Administrative Pro Bono



The Pro Bono Society was formed in September 2011 to recognize the outstanding efforts of law students engaged in pro bono during their tenure at UW Law School. Students who graduate in 2014 or later and complete a minimum of fifty hours of pro bono services will be inducted into the Pro Bono Society and graduate with pro bono distinction.

Alternative Winter or Spring Break Programs


Law School Public Interest Programs

Contact Information

Lindsay Slaker, JD
Associate Director
[email protected]


Certificate/Curriculum Programs


Public Interest Centers


PI Career Support Center

The Office of Career and Professional Development (OCPD) supports students interested in public interest careers through one-on-one counseling, panel discussions on a variety of public interest careers and fellowships, and job postings and career fairs.

Loan Repayment Assistance Programs (LRAP)

The University of Wisconsin Law School sponsors a Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP), which provides small grants to students who accept permanent public interest jobs after graduation. Since its inception in 2002, the LRAP has generally provided from between two to six months of loan repayment in the form of a lump sum payment upon the student’s acceptance of a “qualifying position.” (The size of the award may vary depending upon the applicant pool and the applicants' debt obligations.) “Qualifying position,” means a legal position at a nonprofit organization or government agency with a specified maximum annual salary. To apply for a grant through LRAP, you do not need to have already accepted a qualifying position! However, to be eligible to receive the grant, you must apply for the grant prior to March 15 the year after you graduate.