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University of Puerto Rico School of Law

University of Puerto Rico
School of Law
7 Ave. Universidad Ste 701
San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00925-2527

Law School Pro Bono Programs

Contact Information

Maria E. Hernandez Torrales, Esq., L.L.M., M.A.
Adjunct Professor
[email protected]

Category Type

Formal Voluntary Pro Bono Program Characterized by Administrative Support for Student Group Projects

Description of Programs

Since its establishment in 2007, the Pro Bono Program of the University of Puerto Rico School of Law has been providing law students the opportunity to share legal literacy to communities, both geographical and of interests, mostly low income, to promote their access to justice through the knowledge of the law and the comprehension of the legal system. Each pro bono section responds to the students' interests and activities are organized with the guidance of a skilled mentor. Activities are held throughout the academic year.

Location of Programs

It is located in the Students Affairs Office


The Pro Bono Program Coordinator is an ajunct clinical professor.


The Program Coordinator and Mentors volunteer their time to the program.

Faculty and Administrative Pro Bono

Service is one of the criteria used for tenure and promotion decisions. In 2019 Dean Vivian Neptune received the Deborah Rhode Award in Pro Bono and Public Interest granted by the Association of American Law Schools (AALS).


In the Anual Awards Ceremony, a certificate is given to each of the students who participated in the Enlace Program

Alternative Winter or Spring Break Projects


Law School Public Interest Programs

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None listed.

Certificate/Curriculum Programs

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Public Interest Centers

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PI Career Support Center

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Loan Repayment Assistance Programs (LRAP)

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