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University of Mississippi School of Law

University of Mississippi
School of Law
Robert C. Khayat Law Center
P.O. Box 111
University, MS 38677

Law School Pro Bono Programs

Contact Information

[email protected]
Kris Simpson
Director, Pro Bono Initiative
Cell: (901) 212-6865

Category Type

Independent Student Pro Bono Group Projects with no school-wide program.

Description of Programs

The University of Mississippi School of Law’s Pro Bono Initiative ("PBI") is a unique in-house pro bono program. Students can earn one hour of "Z" credit by:

  1. performing a minimum of 40 hours of volunteer work;
  2. attending a PBI-sponsored pro bono seminar; and
  3. completing the seminar’s reading assignment. Students perform their hours by attending pro se legal clinics, (where they team with attorney volunteers to interview and assist pro se litigants. Student volunteers can also work for an approved pro bono or public interest organization, work on an approved pro bono project, work on policy initiatives and/or provide public education on legal issues.

Location of Programs

Within the Clinical Program


One part-time Director, who is assisted by two Student Coordinators.


The Pro Bono Initiative is funded through law school operating funds.

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