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University of Colorado School of Law

University of Colorado
School of Law
401 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309

Law School Pro Bono Programs

Contact Information

Gabrielle Daley
Director of Schaden Experiential Learning Program
(303) 735-2092
[email protected] 

Category Type

Formal Voluntary Pro Bono Program Characterized by Administrative Support for Student Projects 

Description of Programs

Students are encouraged to complete at least 50 hours of law-related public service before graduation.

Location of Programs

The Public Service Pledge Program is a part of the Schaden Experiential Learning Program at University of Colorado Law School in Boulder, Colorado. 


This program is under the supervision of the Director of the Schaden Experiential Learning Program. The Director also manages externships and competitions.


The Public Service Pledge Program is funded through the law schools operating budget and grants. 

Faculty and Administrative Pro Bono

The University has general guidelines that faculty members should devote 40% of their time to teaching, 40% to scholarship, and 20% to service. Some faculty members exceed this commitment to pro bono through various committee work, direct client representation, and through general pro bono work. Faculty are required to do written reporting on an annual basis, and their involvement in pro bono activities is considered when making tenure decisions


Students who complete at least 50 hours of public service work will be recognized at graduation, and their public service will be reflected on their transcripts. The graduating 3L who earns and logs the most public service hours will be recognized at the Student Awards Banquet and will have their name added to a plaque.

Alternative Winter or Spring Break Projects

None listed.


Law School Public Interest Programs

Contact Information


Certificate/Curriculum Programs

The American Indian Law Program provides students with comprehensive opportunities to acquire specialized knowledge in American Indian law--through curriculum, Clinic, Certificate Program, National Tribal Court Law Clerks Program, externships, Students Association, conferences and events, and more.

The Juvenile and Family Law Program provides students with opportunities to acquire specialized knowledge in juvenile and family law, engage in interdisciplinary work in the study and practice of juvenile and family law, and network and collaborate with students, academics, and practitioners.


Public Interest Centers

Center For Energy & Environmental Security (CEES) is an interdisciplinary research and policy center that facilitates progress toward a global sustainable energy future through the innovative use of laws, policies, and technology solutions. The program enables teaching and research into the impact of laws and policies on the scientific, engineering, sociopolitical, and commercial dimensions of sustainable energy. See

Natural Resources Law Center works to improve the governance and management of western natural resources by informing and influencing legal and policy decisions. See

PI Career Support Center

Our Career Development Office (CDO) is dedicated to helping students find opportunities with employers of all types, including public service employers. "Public service" encompasses both public interest and government employers.

The CDO has strong relationships with public service employers and engages in ongoing outreach to build and maintain relationships within the public service community in order to create job opportunities for students and graduates. Our programs allow students to engage with public service employers, help students learn about public service opportunities, and educate students about how to develop strategies for pursuing public service opportunities.

Our thorough understanding of students' backgrounds and interests combined with our knowledge of public service employers' missions, needs, and preferred qualifications enable us to effectively connect students and graduates with employers that fit their public service goals.


Loan Repayment Assistance Programs (LRAP)

Colorado Law is dedicated to making public interest legal careers a real option for our graduates, despite the reality of educational debt. Colorado Law's Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) provides partial loan repayment awards to select alumni who choose qualifying public interest work. Awards may be as much as $5,500 per recipient per year, depending on the availability of funds and other factors. Through our LRAP, alumni may receive up to 5 years of loan repayment assistance. Applications are accepted once a year in the fall.