Staffing Oversight

A full definition of the term "Staffing Oversight" as it is used in this Law School Public Interest and Pro Bono directory


There are, at least, five distinctive aspects of the staffing of law school pro bono projects:

  1. the number of persons running the program,
  2. whether the coordinator(s) is paid or volunteers his or her time,
  3. whether that person is a student or a non-student,
  4. if paid, how much of that person's time is designated for running the program, and
  5. if the person is a paid non-student, what status that person has within the law school structure.

Most pro bono programs are run by administrators, many of whom wear other hats. A few of the pro bono coordinators/ directors have the status of faculty, mostly non-tenure track.

Some schools involve students in the running of the pro bono program. These students may be paid to work as a pro bono coordinator, under the supervision of an administrator or faculty member, or to assist the pro bono coordinator. Some programs involve students as members of a board or committee that coordinates and develops pro bono placements or as members of an advisory board or committee.


List of Responding Schools

Albany Law School: Albany Law School

The Post-Graduate Pro Bono Fellow develops and implements new pro bono programs, oversees projects, and supervises student volunteers. The Pro Bono Program includes two work-study students.

American University: Washington College of Law

The full-time Assistant Director is compensated to run the pro bono program as part of overall duties, and it is estimated to comprise one-fifth to one quarter of his time. There is also paid administrative and volunteer support of students. The faculty Public Interest Committee also advises and supports the program.

Appalachian School of Law: Appalachian School of Law

The Director of Community Service, Ms. Jina Sauls, provides oversight of the program at ASL. Ms. Jennie Clevinger is an Assistant to the Office of Community Service. Each project is managed by a community leader, a student or an employee, who communicate directly with Ms. Sauls.

Arizona State University: Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law

The program is supervised by the Director of Pro Bono Programs and Student Life. The Pro Bono Board is comprised of 6-10 students, a faculty advisor, and an administrator. There is an application process for board membership.

Arizona Summit Law School:

Ave Maria: School of Law

Barry University: School of Law

Baylor University: Baylor University Law School

The Baylor Law School Pro Bono and Public Service Program is overseen by Stephen Rispoli, Director of Student Relations and Pro Bono Programs. He works closely with Leah Jackson, Associate Dean, faculty, and the Baylor Public Interest Legal Society in the creation and implementation of Pro Bono opportunities.

Boston College: Boston College Law School

The Boston College Pro Bono Program is staffed, managed, and overseen by the Board of Directors, which consists of: the Associate Director of Public Interest Programs; the Dean for Students; the Assistant Dean for Career Services; third-year law students; second-year law students; and first-year law students.

Boston University: Boston University School of Law

The Pro Bono Program is staffed by Toni Hicks, Director for Public Service and Pro Bono and Caroline Brantley, Senior Program Coordinator. The Assistant Dean of Career Development and Public Service and the BU Law Public Service Committee, comprised of faculty, staff and students, also advise the program.

Brigham Young University: J. Reuben Clark Law School

Beth Hansen (director) and Mary Hoagland (assistant dean) oversee the public interest and pro bono projects affiliated with the school's Career Services office. There is no paid pro bono coordinator overseeing the several faculty members incorporating service learning in their courses. Students may be involved as research assistants to supervising faculty members within the various programs.

Brooklyn Law School: Brooklyn Law School

Staffing, management and oversight of pro bono projects vary. In several cases, local non-profits operate and monitor the projects providing supervision as necessary. Others are under the auspices of a firm, entirely student run, or coordinated by the Public Service Programs Office.

California Western: California Western School of Law

The Pro Bono Program Coordinator is also a full time Career Advisor in the Career and Professional Development Office (CPDO). The Assistant Dean of the CPDO provides additional oversight to the Pro Bono Program.

Campbell University: Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law

Pro Bono Council (student led)

Director of Student Life and Pro Bono Opportunities (Staff)

Pro Bono Publico Committee (faculty led)

Capital University Law School: Capital University Law School

The Assistant Dean for Professional Development administers the Pro Bono Recognition Program in conjunction with the Office of Records & Registration and the Dean's Office.

Case Western Reserve University: Case Western Reserve University Law School

Catholic University of America: Columbus School of Law

The Pro Bono Program at CUA Law is run by one part-time (80%) Associate Director who reports directly to the Assistant Dean of Career and Professional Development and then to the Dean.

Chapman University: Dale E. Fowler School of Law

Externship director administers

Charleston School of Law: Charleston School of Law

The Director of Public Service and Pro Bono, within the Department of Career Services, manages the program. The Assistant to the Director provides administrative support.

Michelle Mensore Condon, Esq.
Director of Public Service and Pro Bono
Charleston School of Law
444 King Street (physical address)
PO Box 535 (mailing address)
Charleston, SC 29402
Phone: 843.377.2457
Fax: 843.853.6577

Autumn J. Jones
Pro Bono
Externship Program
Center for Dispute Resolution
Charleston School of Law
414 King Street (physical address)
PO Box 535 (mailing address)
Charleston, SC 29402
Phone: 843.377.2454
Fax: 843. 579.2206

Charlotte School of Law:

Volunteer law school students help promote the program as law school Pro Bono Student Ambassadors

City University of New York: CUNY School of Law

Dean Michelle Anderson oversees the CUNY School of Law which is a public interest law center. The Clinic is overseen by the Associate Dean of the Clinic, Sameer Ashar. The Associate Dean of Student Affairs oversees administrative support provided independently maintained student pro bono group activities such as the Mississippi project and the Career Planning Office publicizes group and individual pro bono opportunities and is overseen by Director Sam Sue.

The Community Legal Resource Network which is an incubator program for community based private law firms started by CUNY Law graduates is directed by Fred Rooney. He also oversees the innovative post graduate public interest project called Launchpad for Success which employs 2009 year law graduates in positions providing assistance to pro se litigants in housing and civil courts in New York City. The Director of the Center for Latino Rights and Equality is Jenny Rivera and the Director of the Center on Diversity in the Legal Profession is Pamela Edwards.

Cleveland State University: Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

The Director of the Pro Bono Program is full-time faculty, half-time clinician and half-time program director.

Columbia University: Columbia University School of Law

Two full-time employees of Social Justice Initiatives are involved in the administration of the Pro Bono Program.

Cornell: Cornell Law School

Pro Bono projects are referred to the law school community through the Assistant Dean for Public Service.

Creighton University: School of Law

Katelyn Cherney, J.D.
Poverty Law Program Director
2500 California Plaza, Room 232
Omaha, NE 68178
(402) 280-3068

DePaul University: College of Law

PBCSI is a project of the Center for Public Interest Law. PBCSI is managed by an attorney director and student coordinators.

Drake University: Drake University Law School

Suzan Pritchett,
Director of Clinical and Experiential Programs; Associate Professor of Law

Sally Frank,
Professor of Law, supervises and instructs law students in the Civil Practice Clinic

Allison McCarthy,
Clinical Teaching Fellow for the Refugee Clinic

Robert Oberbillig,
Adjunct Professor of Law and Clinician in Residence of the Elder Law Program

Robert Rigg,
Professor of Law; Director of the Criminal Defense Program

Nick Roby,
Director of the Entrepreneurial/Transactional Clinic; Clinician in Residence

Drexel University: Thomas R. Kline School of Law

Drexel's Pro Bono Service Program is administered under the auspices of the Associate Dean for Experiential Learning. Programs are developed, implemented, coordinated, and supervised by a full-time Director for Pro Bono and Public Interest Programs.

Duke University: Duke University School of Law

The Pro Bono Project is overseen by two full time employees, the Associate Dean for Public Interest and Pro Bono and a non-tenure track faculty member. Both have other responsibilities, including teaching. The Office of Public Interest and Pro Bono has a half-time administrative assistant.

The Office is advised by a public interest advisory group made up of student leaders.

Duquesne University: School of Law

The program is staffed by Grace W. Orsatti, Director of the Extern Program, Director of the Pro Bono Program, and Assistant Professor of Clinical Legal Education and S. Beth Licciardello, Office Manager and Administrative Assistant.

All Clinical professors are committed to ongoing pro bono and community service, and provide a variety of legal services to the public through legal clinics that train and immerse students in the practice of law in addition to community engagement and outreach.

Elon University: School of Law

The Pro Bono Program is supervised by the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. Additionally, there is administrative support from an administrative assistant and student pro bono fellow. An Advisory Board will be created during the 2011-2012 academic year, and will be comprised of student project leaders and volunteers who will play an instrumental role in the programming and service centered community at Elon.

The Office of Career Services has a counselor who dedicates time to counseling students interested in public service positions.

Emory University: Emory University School of Law

Assistant Dean Rita Sheffey oversees the program with assistance from her program coordinator.

Faulkner University: Thomas Goode Jones School of Law

The Career Services Director and her staff manage the programs, with oversight and input by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, the Clinical Services Committee, the Clinical Director, and faculty.

Florida A&M University: College of Law

Florida Coastal School of Law: Florida Coastal School of Law

There is one faculty member who staffs the pro bono program. The faculty member is paid, and approximately one-third of her time is dedicated to running the program.

Florida International University: University College of Law

The Director of the Pro Bono Program develops, manages and maintains the Pro Bono Program by evaluating and approving proposed pro bono projects; teaching and mentoring students and supervisors regarding appropriate pro bono projects and appropriate student work; directing, coordinating and maintaining an accurate record-keeping system to track student pro bono projects and hours; providing reports to be transmitted to the Registrar for certification of completion of graduation requirements for all students' work, under FIU College of Law's mandatory Pro Bono Program; and engages in university and public relations, including integration with the bench and bar, to maintain visibility of the program and support a general environment conducive to student development of new programs.

Florida State University: Florida State University College of Law

Nancy Benavides
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
(850) 644-7338

Fordham University: Fordham University School of Law

PIRC is managed by four full-time administrators: the Assistant Dean, the Director of Public Interest Student Engagement, the Director of Counseling & Public Interest Scholars and an Office Manager.

Each student-run project has officers who oversee the project.

George Mason University: Antonin Scalia Law School

George Washington University: George Washington University Law School

Alan Morrison, Lerner FamilyAssociate Dean for Public Interest/Public Service Law

David Johnson, Assistant Dean for Pro Bono & Advocacy Programs (oversight)

Georgetown University: Georgetown University Law Center

The Pro Bono Coordinator position, created in 1996, is a full-time, professional-level administrative position.

Georgia State University: College of Law

The Pro Bono Program is housed within the Center for Access to Justice and managed by a student board with oversight from the Center’s Assistant Director.

Golden Gate University: School of Law

The full-time Assistant Director for Public Interest Programs maintains a list of current pro bono opportunities. The Assistant Director also continually develops new pro bono opportunities. Students can discuss their interest areas, skills and scheduling needs with the Assistant Director who will counsel them on the appropriate placement. New opportunities are promoted through workshops, the law school's social media, at all law career services events and via a weekly newsletter.

Gonzaga University: Gonzaga University School of Law

Gonzaga's Center for Law in Public Service is staffed by one full-time employee, half of whose time is dedicated to serving as the Center's Assistant Director and the other half of whose time is dedicated to serving as the Moderate Means Program staff attorney. The Center for Law in Public Service benefits from significant staff oversight, leadership, and administrative support from the Center for Professional Development.

Harvard University: Harvard Law School

The program is administered by the full-time Director of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs and the assistant Director of the Pro Bono Program. Staff administrative assistance is also provided.

Hofstra University: Hofstra University School of Law

The Law School's Pro Bono and Public Service Committee oversees the Public Service Certificate Program and the Director of Public Sector Career Planning, located in the Office of Career Services, collects the volunteers' log sheets. The Pro Bono and Public Service Committee is charged with identifying and proposing a pro bono/public service component to be included in the first-year orientation, for implementation by the Admissions Department. The Committee is also charged with identifying additional pro bono/public service opportunities to be offered by the school for upper-class students. As part of this process, the Committee will also consider and make any proposed recommendations to the faculty as to whether students should be awarded certificates for pro bono/public service beyond the graduation awards already in place and, if so, the parameters of such certificates.

Howard University: Howard University School of Law

Equal Justice Program is staffed by a public interest attorney coordinator. Students assist in the operation of aspects of the program, serving as student coordinators of the various projects.

Illinois Institute of Technology: Chicago-Kent College of Law

PIRC is staffed by two student counselors who are supervised by Professor Gross, a full-time faculty member.

Indiana University: Maurer School of Law (Bloomington)

The Program is staffed by two student pro bono fellows, who develop programming and implement the pro bono award reporting. They are supervised by two clinical faculty members.

Inter American University of Puerto Rico: Inter American University of Puerto Rico School of Law

IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law:

The Pro Bono Program is overseen and managed by a director. An office assistant maintains the hour database.

John Marshall: Law School – Atlanta

The program is run by the Director of Pro Bono Outreach and Externships

Lewis & Clark: Lewis & Clark Law School

The Pro Bono and Community Service Programs are coordinated by the Executive Director of Public Interest Law, who is a full-time employee of the law school, in partnership with the Public Interest Law Program.

Liberty University: School of Law

The Street Law Program is run by student organizers with guidance from the Director of Career Services and with administrative support from the Center for Career & Professional Development's Program Assistant. Additional pro bono programs of Liberty University School of Law are administered, with input from the faculty, by the Associate Dean for Career & Professional Development, the Director of Student Affairs, and the Director of External Affairs. The Associate Dean, Directors, and Program Assistant are full-time, paid staff; they have additional responsibilities in the law school that are not related to pro bono or community service opportunities.

Louisiana State University: Paul M. Hebert Law Center

A faculty advisor provides oversight to the students who are acting on the Board of Directors of PILS.

Loyola Law School: Loyola Law School, Los Angeles

The Director is a full-time clinical professor and is assisted by a full-time Department Administrator (Public Interest Law Coordinator).

Loyola University Chicago: Loyola University Chicago School of Law

Public Service Law, faculty and administrator work closely with the members of the Public Interest Law Society (PILS) student organization and other student groups that support public service activities.

Loyola University New Orleans: Loyola University New Orleans School of Law

The Pro Bono Coordinator position is a half-time position. Mr. Mitchell is a full-time employee who spends the other 50% time as a staff attorney with the Homeless Clinic.

Marquette University: Marquette University Law School

Marquette Law School's Office of Public Service has a fulltime assistant dean and director, both of whom are licensed attorneys. The Office of Public Service also has a part-time program assistant for the Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinics and a part-time public interest fellow overseeing the Estate Planning Clinic and Adult Guardianship Forms Clinic.

The Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinics work in collaboration with its law student and attorney pro bono advisory boards. Nearly every pro bono project has law students in leadership roles.

Mercer University: School of Law

Michigan State University: College of Law

Mississippi College: Mississippi College School of Law

Mitchell Hamline School of Law: Mitchell Hamline School of Law

The MJF administrative staff is located at the University of Minnesota. MJF has a full-time staff of 4 attorneys spread across four law schools. The Board of Directors is made up of law students, private attorneys, legal services attorneys and client-eligible community members. Three students (from each school) sit on MJF's Board of Directors. Drawn from the membership of MJF's student chapters, these students help steer the agency and its programs - including its law school pro bono program. Each School also appoints several of its own law students to its own Student Chapter.

New England School of Law: New England School of Law

The Pro Bono Coordinator is located in the Career Services Office. and coordinates with the three academic centers and Clinical Director.

New York Law School: New York Law School

The Public Service Certificate Program is administered by the Assistant Dean for Student Services.

New York University: New York University School of Law

Five full-time employees of the Public Interest Law Center and student interns.

North Carolina Central: North Carolina Central School of Law

The program is headed by the Pro Bono Coordinator, a full-time lawyer administrator.

Northeastern University: Northeastern University School of Law

Administration of the program is shared. The public interest co-op is facilitated through Northeastern's Center for Co-op and Professional Advancement (CCOPA). The clinical option is facilitated through the Office of Academic and Student Affairs. Any pro bono projects performed to satisfy the Public Interest Requirement must be approved by Administration. To receive academic credit and satisfy the requirements through an independent study, a student must demonstrate that he/she cannot satisfy the requirements through the three other options. The project must be approved by the Assistant Dean of Academic and Student Affairs and a supervising faculty member.

Northern Illinois University: Northern Illinois University College of Law

Interim Director - Greg C. Anderson

Northern Kentucky University: Salmon P. Chase College of Law

Jane Underwood, Coordinator Pro Bono Service Program directs the Chase Pro Bono Service Program. The program was originally designed by Molly Tami.

Northwestern University: Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law

The Public Service Coordinator is a half-time position.

Notre Dame: Notre Dame Law School

Nova Southeastern University: Shepard Broad College of Law

The Director of Public Interest Programs oversees the Mandatory Service Graduation Requirement and the Pro Bono Honor Program.

Ohio Northern: Claude W. Pettit College of Law

Director of Office of Career and Professional Development (Career Office)

Director of the Clinic and Externship Program

Ohio State University: Ohio State University Moritz College of Law

The Director of Public Service and Public Interest Programs is housed in Career Services and reports to the Assistant Dean of Career Services. The Director administers the Public Service Fellow Program and advises students who are interested in public interest and government sector jobs, honors programs, and fellowships.

Oklahoma City University: Oklahoma City University School of Law

The Pro Bono and Public Interest Coordinator along with student organization representatives combine efforts to coordinate various aspects of formal and informal opportunities for students to pursue. The Professional Career and Development Center tracks student volunteer activity and is the repository for disseminating information about pro bono and public interest opportunities. Student participation is non-paid.

Pace University: School of Law

Pennsylvania State University: The Dickinson School of Law

The program is staffed and managed by Professor Gildin and director of public interest programming, Kate Cramer Lawrence. As director of the Center for Public Interest Law and Advocacy, Professor Gildin has been instrumental in providing Penn State Law students with many opportunities to participate in public interest law practice, including as interns during their legal education. Professor Gildin is not merely an excellent teacher and scholar; he has served as an officer of the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania and of its South Central Pennsylvania chapter. His work as counsel in civil liberties cases often affords our students opportunities for observation or participation in significant litigation.

In addition to coordinating the school's pro bono and public interest initiatives, Kate Cramer Lawrence's work at the Law School involves supervising and teaching in the clinical setting. In recent years, she has served as a panelist for the ABA/NLADA sponsored Equal Justice Conference, the AALS Clinical Teaching Conference, and a number of CLE presentations. She has also served as a faculty member at the 2008 Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network Trial Skills Training program and beginning in 2011, as a member of the National Advisory Committee to Equal Justice Works.

Pepperdine University: Rick J. Caruso School of Law

Clinical Education Program and Career Development Office support students in finding pro bono projects and externship placements.

Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico: Faculty of Law

Quinnipiac University: School of Law

Regent University: School of Law

The Pro Bono Initiative will be supervised by the Law School's Office of Career and Alumni Services.

Roger Williams University: School of Law

The Executive Director of the Feinstein Center directs the public interest and judicial externship programs, and oversees the other Externship Programs. The Director of Pro Bono & Community Partnerships and the Associate Director of Pro Bono Programs direct the mandatory pro bono program and develop and oversee pro bono opportunities. The Executive Director of the Feinstein Center, Director of Pro Bono & Community Partnerships and Associate Director of Pro Bono Programs share responsibility for public interest and pro bono programming and for advising the public interest student group. The Director of Pro Bono & Community Partnerships directs the Pro Bono Collaborative and she and the Associate Director of Pro Bono Programs administer the Pro Bono Collaborative. The Center has a Pro Bono & Experiential Learning Coordinator who provides staff support for all of the Center's work and coordinates and plans the annual Public Interest Auction with oversight from the Center's Executive Director. The Center also uses several undergraduate work-study students to assist with a variety of administrative tasks.

Rutgers Law School, Camden location: The State University of New Jersey School of Law, Camden

The Law School's Associate Dean and Director for Pro Bono and Public Interest oversee existing pro bono initiatives, support public interest programs, and develop resources and new opportunities for Rutgers Law students. Program professionals also support the Law School’s public interest student group APIL (Association for Public Interest Law) with its public interest programming and its annual fundraising efforts, including an auction, that provide funding for summer public interest stipends.

Rutgers Law School, Newark location: The State University of New Jersey, Center for Law and Justice (Newark)

The director of the Neisser Public Interest Program oversees the Pro Bono Program, which is located within the Public Interest Center. A student coordinator assists in administering the Pro Bono Program, and works closely with the director. The Neisser Program is the umbrella over all public interest and pro bono activities within the law school.

Saint John's University: School of Law

Alexis Martinez, Assistant Dean of Students, oversees the Law School's Pro Bono Service Project. Dean Martinez will work collaboratively with the various pro bono projects, the partner agencies and each project's student coordinator.

Saint Louis University: Saint Louis University School of Law

Saint Mary’s University of San Antonio: Saint Mary’s University of San Antonio School of Law

Director of Clinical and Public Interest Programs: full-time employee
Pro Bono Program Supervisor: full-time employee, supervising attorney
Pro Bono Program Student Coordinator: part-time law student employee
Law Student Site Coordinators: volunteers

Saint Thomas University: Saint Thomas University School of Law (FL)

The Public Sector Career Counselor oversees the Pro Bono Program.

Samford University: Cumberland School of Law

The program is overseen by a Director who coordinates volunteer mediators and works closely with area courts to find cases suitable for community mediation. All mediations are conducted by trained volunteer mediators comprised of attorneys, law students and community members who have completed mediation training through or approved by the CCMC.

Santa Clara University: Santa Clara University School of Law

Seattle University: Seattle University School of Law

Staff consists of a full-time paid director and a full-time Administrative Assistant. AtJI also receives the services of a community advisory board and a student advisory board.

Seton Hall University: Seton Hall University School of Law

The Director is a 15 hour per week clinical professor. He spends 50% of his time with the pro bono program.

South Texas College: South Texas College of Law Houston

The Program is directed by a member of the faculty. Administrative support is provided by the Clinical Studies Department. Faculty, staff and student oversight comes through the Access to Justice and Public Service Committee, a standing committee comprised of clinical and doctrinal faculty, senior administrators and student representatives.

Southern Illinois University: Southern Illinois University School of Law

Southern Methodist University: Dedman School of Law

The Public Service Program has a full-time Director. The Director administers the program and reports to the Dean of the Law School. The Director also consults with and receives direction from the law school Faculty Public Service Committee. The committee includes four faculty members, appointed by the Dean of the Law School. In addition to the Director, the school employs a half-time Administrative Assistant.

Southern University: Law Center

Southwestern Law School:

The Director of the Public Service Program is a full-time staff position administering pro bono, clinical and event programs in addition to student services with part-time administrative support. This position is overseen by Southwestern’s Dean of Experiential Learning.

Stanford Law School:

The Director of the Pro Bono and Externship Programs administers the Pro Bono Program with support from the Associate Dean of Public Service and Public Interest Law and the Executive Director of the Levin Center. There is also an in-house pro bono project, the Stanford Law School Social Security Disability Pro Bono Project. The Pro Bono Program is strongly supported by the Public Interest Committee, which is composed of faculty and two student representatives.

Stetson University: Stetson University College of Law

Faculty member oversees student pro bono by answering students’ questions and monitoring submissions.

Suffolk University Law School: Suffolk University Law School

The Pro Bono Program is administered by the Director of Public Interest and Pro Bono Programs. Administrative support is also provided by one staff member and two student interns.

SUNY Buffalo Law School:

Melinda R. Saran
Vice Dean for Student Affairs

Kim Diana Connolly
Director of Clinical Legal Education, Vice Dean for Legal Skills

Syracuse University: College of Law

The Program is managed by Kavitha Janardhan, Associate Director for the Office of Career Services, who reports to Kim Wolf Price, Assistant Dean for the Office of Career Services. Each year, the Office of Career Services selects a Pro Bono Fellow, who is a member of the Pro Bono Advisory Board (discussed below) and acts as a liaison between the local public interest organizations which host pro bono programs and the student body.

Temple University: James E. Beasley School of Law

The Director is compensated full-time for operating the Office of Public Interest Law Programs. The Office has several functions, all related to public interest work. Overseeing the external pro bono and the law- related education program is approximately 50% of the Director's work. Temple-LEAP has its own professional staff.

The Office of Public Interest Law Programs has a six member faculty Advisory Committee.

PIE has a student director who helps operate the program and has significant input into direction of the program. Each student initiated project has a director or steering committee that operates and makes policy determinations for the project.

Texas A & M University: Texas A & M University School of Law

The Program is administered by the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Director of the Equal Justice Program with administrative support from Tyra C. Kelly, the Administrative Assistant.

A student-run Public Interest Law Fellowship serves in an advisory capacity to the program and raises funds for summer fellowships in public service organizations.

Texas Southern University: Thurgood Marshall School of Law

Donna Davis
Director of Career Services
(713) 313-7372

Texas Tech University School of Law: Texas Tech University School of Law

The Texas Tech Law Public-Service Graduation Requirement and Pro Bono Honor Roll are overseen by Stacy Riker, Director for Pro Bono Projects. She works closely with Dean Darby Dickerson and a number of students and other organizations in the creation and implementation of pro bono opportunities.

Thomas M. Cooley Law School: Thomas M. Cooley Law School

Career and Professionalism Development
- Cooley Volunteer Corps (CVC)

Charles Toy, Associate Dean of Career and Professional Development
(517) 371-5140

Lansing Campus
Jamie Stone
(517) 371-5140

Grand Rapids Campus
Kaleena Kowalkowski
(616) 301-6800

Auburn Hills Campus
Jennifer Kirby
(248) 751-7800

The Center for Ethics, Service, and Professionalism
- Professionalism Portfolio

Heather Spielmaker, Director
Lansing Campus
(517) 371-5140

Karen Rowlader, Assistant Director
Grand Rapids Campus
(616) 301-6800

Jacquelynn Kuhn, Assistant Director
Auburn Hills Campus
(248) 751-7800

Enrollment and Student Services
- Student Organization Activities

Christopher Lewis, Dean of Enrollment Programs & Student Services
Lansing Campus
(517) 371-5140

Joan Rosema-David, Deputy Director
Grand Rapids Campus
(616) 301-6800

Audra Foster, Director
Auburn Hills Campus
(248) 751-7800

Touro College: Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center

The full-time Director Of Public Interest Career Development spends 1/2 his time on Public Interest matters. The pro bono portion of the job is not specifically apportioned.

The student public interest group PILOT advises the program.

Tulane University: Tulane University School of Law

The pro bono program is the principal focus of the Assistant Dean for Public Interest Programs . A full-time program administrator serves as program coordinator and liaison. Pro bono program staff communicate on a regular basis with the students who have signed up for academic-year placements and with the staff and supervisory attorneys of local non-profits and public sector sites to which the students are assigned. Forms required to be completed by each student include a time sheet, supervisory report, and student survey.

UIC John Marhall Law School:

University of Akron: C. Blake McDowell Law Center

Joann M. Sahl, Esq., Assistant Director, Legal Clinic. Professor Sahl acts as Program Coordinator, along with Alisa N. Benedict O'Brien, Assistant Dean for Career Services and Strategic Initiatives.

University of Alabama: University of Alabama School of Law

The Public Interest Institute is overseen by the Associate Dean for Special Programs and a Program Assistant. The Associate Dean for Special Programs is advised by the Public Interest Committee and the Public Interest Student Board.

University of Arizona: James E. Rogers College of Law

The VLP Advocates Program is coordinated by SALA VLP. The program coordinator is Melissa Spiller. Melissa typically has three current Arizona Law students who assist as coordinators.

Melissa Spiller
Attorney/Student Coordinator
Volunteer Lawyers Program Advocates Program
2343 E. Broadway Blvd., Suite 200
Tucson, AZ 85719

University of Arkansas: School of Law - Fayetteville

The Public Service and Pro Bono Program is directed by a full-time tenured law faculty member who commits approximately one-third of their time to the program. The faculty members of the Public Service and Pro Bono Committee also provide guidance and support to the program.

University of Arkansas at Little Rock: William H. Bowen School of Law

Kelly Terry
Associate Dean for Experiential Learning and Clinical Programs
Ben J. Altheimer Professor of Law

University of Baltimore: School of Law

University of California at Davis: University of California at Davis School of Law

The King Hall Pro Bono Program is overseen by Kimberly Thomas, Public Interest Coordinator, who is full-time. There is no set percentage of time spent on the Pro Bono Program. The Public Interest Clearinghouse Pro Bono Project is coordinated by the Public Interest Law Program Director.

University of California, Berkeley: University of California, Berkeley, School of Law



The Thelton E. Henderson Center staff includes a Faculty Director, an Executive Director, a Program Assistant, and various professional and student researchers. The SLPS are staffed by students and overseen by attorneys from community legal service organizations or law firms, with additional support and oversight from the Professional Skills Program. An annual SLPS Fellow/Coordinator provides guidance and direction to SLPS Leaders. The Career Development Office Associate Directors for Public Interest Programs solicit pro bono projects, publicize these opportunities to students, educate students about Berkeley Law's voluntary pro bono program and encourage students to make a pro bono contribution.



University of California-Hastings: College of the Law

The Director of Pro Bono Programs and Pro Bono Coordinator are directly responsible for the Pro Bono Program. The administrative needs of the program are supported by a part-time (approx. 25% for pro bono) Program Assistant staff member.

University of California-Irvine: School of Law

The Pro Bono Program is run by the Director of Public Interest Programs, Anna Davis, and the Public Interest Programs Coordinator, Katie Rohner. Ms. Davis reports directly to Associate Dean for Clinical Education and Service Learning, Carrie Hempel. Ms. Davis and Ms. Rohner coordinate all aspects of the Pro Bono Program, including the solicitation of pro bono projects, publicizing these opportunities to students and educating students about UCI Law's voluntary pro bono program and the importance of continuing to do pro bono work after graduation. Students are also strongly encouraged to create their own pro bono projects, which are provided with all necessary supports from the Pro Bono Program.

University of California-Los Angeles: University of California-Los Angeles

University of Chicago: University of Chicago Law School

One Director of Public Interest Law, one Pro Bono Service Initiative Manager and various student leaders.

University of Cincinnati: University of Cincinnati College of Law

The Public Service Coordinator and Counselor coordinates volunteer activities and pro bono service.

University of Colorado: School of Law

This program is under the supervision of the Director of Experiential Learning & Public Service Programs. Three volunteer student chairs each serving a three-year term (1L Chair, 2L Chair, and 3L Chair) support the Program Director.

University of Connecticut: University of Connecticut School of Law

The Public Interest Law Group (PILG) assists the Office of Career Services with the Pro Bono Program. PILG is involved in promoting the program and encouraging students to undertake pro bono placements.

University of Dayton: University of Dayton School of Law

There is a half-time administrator, 20 hours per week.

University of Denver: Sturm College of Law

Program oversight and management occurs through the full-time Director of Public Interest. Some administrative support is provided by the part-time Public Interest Coordinator. Both positions are located within the Legal Externship Program.

Students enrolled in the Student Law Office or externships receive direct supervision from clinical faculty, externship supervisors, and externship staff. Students participating in a Public Interest Practicum receive direct supervision from their Practicum supervisor.

University of Detroit: Mercy School of Law

University of Florida: Fredric G. Levin College of Law

The Public Interest Coordinator position is currently a full-time position in the Center for Career Services and one of the responsibilities of this position is running the Pro Bono Project.

There are two Pro Bono Committees (Liaison and Development) which are involved in creating new projects as well as keeping up with our current placements and student population. To become a member of one of the committees, students submit resumes and, upon recommendations from the Director, are selected by the Dean.

University of Georgia: School of Law

Usually run by the student organization; however, most organizations have a faculty or senior administrative advisor.

University of Hawaii: William S. Richardson School of Law

The Pro Bono Program director is a faculty member who has an assistant who is not compensated but works pro bono.

There is a Pro Bono Program Committee consisting of three law school faculty/staff members designated by the Dean.

University of Houston: University of Houston Law Center

University of Idaho: College of Law

The pro bono program is staffed by a half-time faculty director with administrative support and a Pro Bono Service Board composed of students. The Pro Bono Service Board members serve as liaisons to community partners and work to increase student body engagement.

University of Illinois: University of Illinois College of Law

The pro bono notation program is supervised and directed by the Associate Dean and the Assistant Deans for Student Affairs and Career Services. They are not compensated separately for this activity.

University of Iowa: University of Iowa College of Law

The Citizen Lawyer Program is staffed by a Director and student research assistants. Up to 80 students are assigned to CLP's Pro Bono Projects each semester following an application process. The work of student volunteers is supervised by partner agency attorneys, with the CLP Director and research assistants serving as liaisons.

The CLP Director reports to Iowa Law's Associate Dean for Civil Engagement.

University of Kansas: School of Law

Todd Rogers, Assistant Dean for Career Services provides oversight to the program with assistance from other staff members in Career Services and Student Affairs.

University of Kentucky: College of Law

University of Louisville: Brandeis School of Law

The Program is staffed by one full-time and one part time employee, a Director and a Coordinator.

University of Maine: University of Maine School of Law

The program is overseen by a committee comprised of faculty members, students, and the law school's Director of Career Services. Records of student reported pro bono hours are maintained in the Career Services Office.

University of Maryland: Francis King Carey School of Law

Clinical Law Program, faculty, staff and law students

University of Massachusetts: School of Law - Dartmouth

The Director of the Career Services Office manages the Pro Bono Program, including approving each student's placement, reporting each student's satisfaction of the requirement, and planning the annual Pro Bono Volunteer Fair at which students learn about pro bono opportunities with the participating organizations.

University of Memphis: Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law

Assistant Dean for Career Services and the Public Interest Counselor provide law school administrative oversight.

University of Miami: University of Miami School of Law

The HOPE Public Interest Resource Center is staffed by the Assistant Dean for Public Interest & Pro Bono, two assistant directors, an office manager, and work-study students.

University of Michigan: University of Michigan Law School

The Pro Bono Program is staffed by the Assistant Dean and the Administrator. Both positions are full time compensated positions.

University of Minnesota: University of Minnesota Law School

MJF is a separate organization from the U of M Law School. However, they work in partnership to assure that both of their goals are being met by the pro bono program. MJF has a traditional organizational structure with an Executive Director and Board of Directors that consists of local private and public attorneys.

University of Mississippi: School of Law

One part-time Director, who is assisted by two Student Coordinators.

University of Missouri: Kansas City School of Law

A faculty and student Pro Bono Committee promotes public service programs and opportunities.

University of Missouri - Columbia: School of Law

The program is coordinated by the Office of Career Development and Student Services and the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

University of Montana: University of Montana School of Law

The clinical faculty provide the oversight of the program.

University of Nebraska: University of Nebraska College of Law

The pro bono program is administered by a pro bono committee comprised of faculty, administrators, and students.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas: William S. Boyd School of Law

The Law School has a half-time attorney and a quarter-time assistant assigned to the program. Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada and Nevada Legal Service assign staff attorneys to supervise the students teaching the community free legal education classes.

University of New Hampshire: University of New Hampshire School of Law

The full-time Social Justice Institute Director is compensated to run the pro bono program as part of her overall duties, and also divides her time teaching social justice courses at the University of New Hampshire School of Law.

University of New Mexico: University of New Mexico School of Law

The first year pro bono program is managed by the Assistant Dean for Student Services.

The Clinical Law Program is managed by the Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs. Students are supervised by six full-time clinical law professors, supplemented at times by visiting professors. The Clinical Law Program is supported by three full-time staff members.

The Externship Program is managed by an Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, who along with one clinical professor, offer a classroom component to the externships. The Assistant Dean for Career Services advise students about externship opportunities, and the Coordinator for Career Services tracks student hours and interacts with externship supervisors.

University of North Carolina: University of North Carolina School of Law

The Pro Bono Program falls under the purview of the Office of Student Development, with close supervision from the Director of Pro Bono Initiatives.

Pro Bono Board positions are selected once per year following an application and interview process held each spring semester. All chosen student board members must serve for two consecutive academic semesters, with the exception of the 1L Class Coordinator. The Pro Bono Board’s Student Director manages the Board of Coordinators and oversees Program operations. The Pro Bono Board of Coordinators consists of:

Attorney Projects Coordinator: Establishes contact and maintains relationships with attorneys submitting projects to the Program, managing student participation and any potential difficulties that may arise.

Class Coordinators (one position for each class year): Responsible for recruiting students from their respective classes to participate in pro bono projects; Manage students and their hours as they complete respective projects.

Student Group Projects Coordinator: Liaison and coordinator for pro bono projects run through student organizations at UNC Law; Helps to develop, maintain, and manage student group pro bono projects.

Public Relations Coordinator: Manages communications for the Program across the university, local, and state communities, including maintenance of the Pro Bono Program website, calendar, social media, and material for the Annual Report.

Winter and Spring Break Projects Coordinator: Winter and spring break projects coordinator, responsible for attorney and student recruitment for project participation.

Special Trips Coordinators (two positions): Responsible for coordinating group pro bono project trips during academic breaks, assessing needs of individuals across the state of North Carolina, recruiting community partners with whom to work, recruiting students to participate in trips, fundraising for trips, and ultimately coordinating all trip logistics.

Alumni Outreach Coordinator: Works with other members of the Board in addressing needs for alumni contact and/or outreach and manages communication with Pro Bono alumni.

Special Projects Coordinators (two positions): manages special projects as identified by the Board, including coordinating with community and student group partners, recruiting student participants, coordinating trainings, and executing the project. The Coordinators will then evaluate the projects' sustainability and, if appropriate, transition it to a student group or student leader. The Special Projects Coordinators may also work to identify ideas for Pro Bono projects that can be developed throughout the year.

University of Oklahoma: College of Law


Rebecca K. Hamrin
Associate Director
Pro Bono & Public Interest Programs


University of Oregon: University of Oregon School of Law

The Managing Director serves as the primary staff for the Pro Bono Program. A student worker provides occasional support, while a student group also assists with promotion and organization of events. Pro bono records are maintained on a secure database.

University of Pennsylvania: University of Pennsylvania Law School

The Toll Public Interest Center oversees the pro bono program, the Toll Public Interest Scholars Program, student pro bono projects, public interest programming, and co-curricular initiatives.

The Toll Public Interest Center employs an executive director, an associate director, an assistant director, a program coordinator, and a staff attorney. Meet the TPIC team here.

TPIC is advised by several different boards, including our Professional Advisory Board and Faculty Public Service Board.

University of Pittsburgh: School of Law

The Director of Career Services and Public Interest Initiatives oversees the majority of pro bono projects for students.

Lu-in Wang, Associate Dean ( oversees the Law School's academic programs.

University of Puerto Rico: School of Law

University of Richmond: School of Law

The Carrico Center for Pro Bono & Public Service is administered by a faculty director and supported by shared administrative assistance and student program managers.

University of Saint Thomas: School of Law (MN)

The Public Service Board (PSB) administers the program. The PSB consists of two first-, five second-, and six third-year law students in good academic standing. The PSB maintains and distributes information about public service opportunities; oversees the maintenance of the Logging System; determines whether particular activities constitute qualifying public service; and maintains records of qualifying public service performed by law students.

The dean appoints a member of the faculty or administration to advise the PSB. The advisor is responsible for general oversight of the program, including assuring the program's compliance with the program policy; advising the PSB on policy issues; and considering (and, where appropriate, recommending to the faculty) revisions to the program policy. The advisor provides the faculty with an annual program report. The responsibilities necessarily entail attendance at PSB meetings and events.

An administrative staff member will initially review all log entries in accordance with program precedent. This staff member will direct all novel or questionable log entries to the PSB and perform other administrative tasks as requested by the PSB or dean. The staff administrator also will certify satisfactory completion of the program requirements by law students.

University of San Diego: University of San Diego School of Law

The University of San Diego School of Law Pro Bono Legal Advocates (PBLA)is a student-run organization. PBLA is assisted by a faculty advisor and receives support from the School of Law's administrative staff.

University of San Francisco: University of San Francisco School of Law

Erin E. Dolly
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and
Instructor of Law
University of San Francisco School of Law
(415) 422-6304

Daisy Hung
Assistant Director for Law Career Development
University of San Francisco School of Law
Office of Career Planning
(415) 422-6757

University of South Carolina: University of South Carolina School of Law


University of South Dakota: University of South Dakota School of Law

Each individual group is made up of student volunteer, with budget oversight by Dean's Office.

University of South Dakota: School of Law

University of Southern California: University of Southern California Gould School of Law

PILF is a student-run organization that sponsors as many as 23 pro bono clinics in the community. Several other student organizations such as Street Law and La Raza offer additional pro bono opportunities available to all law students.

The Office of Public Service supports and advises PILF's pro bono clinic co-chairs and connects them with community organizations in need of pro bono law students.

University of Tennessee: University of Tennessee College of Law

Students run UT Pro Bono. The Access to Justice Coordinator, who is an active member of the bar and a former practicing lawyer, forges and solidifies relationships with community groups, legal service organizations, attorneys, and other external partners to expand the opportunities available to students. He devotes approximately 70% of his time to working with UT Pro Bono and counseling public-interest-minded students. This individual also provides support, guidance, and oversight of the plans and activities of UT Pro Bono. Additionally, the College's Pro Bono & Public Interest Committee, a committee appointed annually by the Dean that consists of both faculty and students, provides oversight of UT Pro Bono's efforts. Support for this position is provided by the College, which includes salary and all administrative support (travel, office space, technology, etc.)

University of Texas at Austin: University of Texas at Austin School of Law

The Pro Bono Program is staffed by a Director and an Administrator. The Pro Bono Director manages the day-to-day operations of the program, sets policy for developing pro bono projects and engaging student volunteers, and interfaces with the law school community, legal services providers, bar groups and members of the private bar.

The Pro Bono Administrator maintains the Pro Bono Program's data, contacts, and communications and handles all administrative functions of the program.

In addition to the Pro Bono Program, the Office of Student Life at UT Law works closely with the Justice Center to encourage student groups to engage in community service.

University of the District of Columbia: David A. Clarke School of Law

Full-time faculty oversee the Community Service requirement, and Professor Louise Howells, Clinic Director, provides oversight of the Clinic Program which is taught by full-time faculty.

University of the Pacific: McGeorge School of Law

PIC staff, including Equal Justice Corps Volunteers, and a dedicated on-campus student liaison from Pacific McGeorge's student body.

University of Toledo: College of Law

The Public Service Coordinator for the program is Kelly Tomlinson, J.D. of the Office of Professional Development. Working with community stakeholders and PILA officers, she coordinates placements and arranges for supervising attorneys to certify qualifying hours for participating students. Please contact her at or 419-530-4996 for further information and to get involved in the program.

University of Tulsa: College of Law

The Pro Bono Coordinator, housed in the Professional Development Office, devotes approximately 20% of their time to pro bono. A Pro Bono Committee comprised of faculty, staff, students, alumni, and local attorneys act as a sounding board for the program.

University of Utah: S. J. Quinney College of Law

The Pro Bono Initiative is led by a Director and is supported by the Peter "Rocky" Rognlie Pro Bono Student Fellow Student.

University of Virginia: University of Virginia School of Law

The Pro Bono Project is administered by Assistant Dean for Pro Bono and Public Interest Kimberly Emery. Emery and her staff in assist students in locating appropriate pro bono placements and also assist student-run organizations with the development of their own pro bono projects.

University of Washington: University of Washington School of Law

The Career Planning Office has the primary responsibility for externships, including the collaborative externship placements, from advertising open positions, to ensuring faculty and field supervision, and faculty approval of credits. The Career Planning Office administers the Pro Bono Honors Program.

The Clinical Law Program administers all of the clinics.

Academic Services Office evaluates student records for participation in clinics and externships.

University of Wisconsin: Law School

The Pro Bono Program staff consists of Director, Laura C. Smythe, and a full-time AmeriCorps VISTA service member. The program is also supported with the faculty oversight of clinical professors Marsha Mansfield and Ben Kempinen. Several programs are coordinated with the assistance of student organization leaders or student volunteers.

University of Wyoming: School of Law

Vanderbilt University: Vanderbilt University Law School

Volunteer students run the program with a faculty advisor.

Vermont Law School: Vermont Law School

Villanova University: Charles Widger School of Law

The Director of Public Service Careers and Pro Bono Programs divides her time roughly equally between serving as a career services professional specializing in public interest/ government career counseling and as the coordinator of VLS's growing pro bono programs.

The Director consults and works with the members of the student organizations, the Pro Bono Society and the Public Interest Fellowship Program. The student run Pro Bono Society has as its purpose "to provide students the opportunity to volunteer their time and unique skills as law students for members of our community."

Wake Forest University: Wake Forest University School of Law

The program is administered by a student run executive board with the support and assistance and oversight of the law school administration, Director of Outreach, and partnerships with local attorneys and legal services organizations. The Pro Bono Project is the central point for all pro bono activities at the law school and maintains a database to keep track of student pro bono work.

Washburn University: School of Law

Washington and Lee University: School of Law

Assistant Dean for Clinical Education and Public Service

Washington University: School of Law

The full-time Public Service Coordinator, who also administers the Mel Brown Family Loan Repayment Assistance Program, oversees the Public Service Project.

Wayne State University: Wayne State University Law School

The HIV/AIDS Pro Bono Project will be overseen by Professor Moss. The student-run projects are managed and overseen by the student groups.

West Virginia University: West Virginia University College of Law

The Center has a full time director who has the responsibility of promoting pro bono and public service to the law students.

Western New England University: School of Law

The Assistant Director of Career Services is the sole staff member charged with administering the Pro Bono Program under the supervision of the Director of Career Services.

Western State University: Western State University College of Law

The program is administered by the Director of Career Services and Public Service with the assistance of the Alumni/Career Services Coordinator. Policies and procedures are subject to oversight by the faculty.

Whittier Law School: Whittier Law School

Pro Bono efforts are part of the job description for the Associate Dean and Clinic Director position, but no specific additional compensation is provided for this work.

Widener University: Delaware Law School

Cathy Zwolak Kilian, Esquire
Adjunct Professor
Clinic Attorney, Delaware Civil Law Clinic
Director, Public Interest Resource Center 302-477-2705

Widener University: Widener University Commonwealth Law School

Willamette University: Willamette University College of Law


The Assistant Director of Career Services administers the Pro Bono Honors Program.



William and Mary: Law School


The program is managed by the Associate Dean and Professor of the Practice. Credit-bearing clinics are administered by the Clinics Office.


Yale University: Yale Law School

The Public Interest Advisor and the Assistant Director of Administration in the Career Development Office provide oversight of the Pro Bono Network. The Student Public Interest Director provides administrative support to the Network and liaises with employers and student groups. The Public Interest Advisor provides counseling to YLS students interested in public interest opportunities—including public interest fellowships.

Yeshiva University: Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

The Director and the Assistant Director are both full-time, paid positions.