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May 23, 2022

The Case for Pro Bono Placement, Even When We “Lose”

Thank you to our colleagues at the ABA Children's Immigration Law Academy for sharing this great article with us on the importance of pro bono placement in immigration cases.

To be a pro bono coordinator in the world of immigration legal services is to wear many hats. On any given case, a pro bono coordinator often serves as careful match maker, language interpreter and expert guide, messenger, cheerleader, fortune-teller, mind-reader, and sometimes, shoulder to cry on. They do all of this with what seems like a million factors, many well beyond their control, at play. The pressure is real. But guaranteeing a win, well, that’s impossible. And more importantly, it is not a pro bono coordinator’s burden to carry. A recent case CILA staff was involved in made something crystal clear - there’s a strong case for pro bono placement, even when, as much as it hurts, you “lose.” And maybe if we look at it right, even in losing, we win.

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