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April 22, 2019 Law School Spring Break 2019

Spring Break Highlights 2019: Harvard Law School

Welcome back to our 2019 Spring Break Highlights series! Today, we are sharing an article from Harvard Law School on their 2019 Spring Break projects. In 2019, 36 Harvard Law School students traveled throughout the country to work on various pro bono projects. Students participated in projects ranging from disasater relief, immigration and asylum, civil rights, consumer protection, and various other areas of the law. Thank you HLS students for all of your hard work, and for sharing your experiences with us!

"Every year, a group of students spend their spring break working in legal organizations in the Boston area and across the United States and Puerto Rico, often responding to crises or disasters in local areas. The time spent outside of the halls of Harvard Law School can be re-energizing and reinforce the skills students learn in the classroom. Students were glad to be “doing substantive, real-life work that helped folks,” Tahbaz continued." Read more here.