Mortgage Loans

The Place to Stop Before You Shop for a Mortgage Loan


Legal-Ease: Making Sense of Your Legal Documents

The information you will receive as you shop for a mortgage is critical to understanding your loan. This information can be confusing! Learn more.

What Loan Products Are Available?

There are many different products and features you can get. The most common include: Closed-End vs. Open-end; Adjustable or Fixed Rate and Balloon Payment.

Who Is Out There to do Business With?

There are a variety of sources from which you might get a mortgage loan. You should ALWAYS consider examining several of these, as their terms, conditions, and costs can vary dramatically.

Caution: offers general information about borrowing and your credit, including links to other websites that offer similar information. These resources may not answer all your questions, and don't offer legal advice. If you have a specific question about your financial situation, you may need to contact a lawyer in your state.

Before You Shop, Ask Yourself:

  • Do I really need a loan?
  • Is it necessary to put my house at risk?
  • Can I get a personal loan instead?
  • Can I afford a loan?


How Can You Be Fooled?

  • Overpricing/excessive fees
  • Not getting what you bargained for
  • Borrowing more than you need
  • Don't get flipped
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Foreclosure rescue/credit repair
  • Loan Modifications/Debt Adjustments