About Us

This informational site is a project of the Consumer Financial Services Committee of the Business Law Section of the American Bar Association. Its purpose is to educate you about financial literacy and using credit wisely and safely. The website covers four of the major types of credit that the average consumer may encounter and provides guidance and tips about each one. We hope you will find the information on this website regarding borrowing money to be helpful and informative for you and your family.

The Consumer Financial Services Committee is comprised of almost one thousand attorneys engaged in the practice of law related to consumer financial services. The Committee is made up of attorneys representing plaintiffs, defendants, government agencies, corporations, and consumer advocate groups. This website was made possible by the work of Jeff Langer, Don Lampe, John Ropiequet, Terry Franzen, Scott Johnson, Amy Bizar, Elizabeth Huber, Robert Jaworski, Nina Simon, Rick Hackett, Arthur Rotatori, Matt McIntyre, Laura Rogers, Steve Scott, Ducie Le, Robert Aitken, Marjorie Corwin, Joanne Crane, Lisa Schifferle and Frank Hillis.