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Business Law Podcast

Jacqueline Lee — An Unexpected and Joyful Journey

David Hamm

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Conversations with GCs: Episode 3

Host David Hamm, Co-Chair of the In-House Subcommittee of the ABA Corporate Governance Committee, talks with Jacqueline (“Jaci”) Lee is the General Counsel of Flynn Restaurant Group, America’s largest restaurant franchisee with over 2,300 restaurants nationwide.  In this episode, Jaci shares her path to the role of GC, some thoughts on essential GC skills and characteristics, current GC hot topics and practical and actionable advice for those aspiring to be GCs.  Two themes run through the conversation: (1) the joy that she took in each step of her journey and (2) the unexpected nature of her journey to GC. Jaci’s advice for aspiring GCs includes expanding areas of expertise, seeking stretch projects in current roles and intentionally working on strengthening (not just expanding) networks.